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BJR Motorcycles

Construcciones Mécanicas, Bantista Esplagues, Algemesi, 1942-1962*.

Formed in Valencia as BAESAL in 1942, the company was renamed BJR Construcciones Mecánicas Bautista Esplugues the following year. BJR were the initials the father and two sons - Bantista, Juan and Rafael. In 1939 they had an automotive workshop in Algemesí, Valencia.

From 1942 until 1950 the Esplugues family built a scooter and motocarros under the Baesal marque.

In the mid 1950s the marque became BJR, producing a variety of machines powered by 50cc to 175cc two-strokes.

Models included the XZ125 and VZ175, both with 4-speed two-stroke engines and swinging arm rear suspension, these remaining basically unchanged until end of production in the early 1960s.

    1942-43 they built a 100 cc two-stroke auxiliary bicyle engine, the Model A, mounted within the frame. This was replaced in 1944/45 by the Model B, a 50cc unit which mounted on the rear wheel. 1947 brought the 65cc Model C, which was available as an auxilliary engine under the Baesal brand, and a complete 2-speed moped, the Model D under the newly created BJR brand.

    1951 brought a change in focus, with the scooters and bicycle engines dropped from the line and the introduction of 125cc light motorcycles. By 1953 these had become modern motorcycles with swinging arm rear suspension. For 1955 this was named the YX-125, and in '56 became the YZ-125.

    1957-1960 A 44 cc moped known as VZ-44 joined the lineup for a brief period, and the prototype Vincam 175 4-stroke of 10 HP was presented at the Fira de Barcelona in 1958 but did not achieve production.

    BJR built a 175 cc cargo 3-wheeler, the ECO 200, with a rear carrier tray, Earles front suspension, fan-cooled engine and shaft transmission with differential. Production ceased in 1962, with a total of 5,000 units sold.

The firm was acquired by the Maquinaria del Mediterráneo SA. a manufacturer of small tractors.

* Notes: Sources vary on production dates.

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