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B.M.S. Motorcycles

BMS were built by Ardilla and Santonja distributor Baltasar March in Santa Margarita, Mallorca, in 1955.

The machines had a 250cc two-stroke engine and were well-appointed, but were not a great success. Production totalled 10, and most were sold in Madrid. It is very possible that these were in fact rebadged Ardilla motorcycles.

Sources:; Brisas magazine, March 2000.

Jan 2007
On your site, at the BMS page, you guys were wondering where BMS cycles come from I think, and someone says "if you have questions about the BMS or want to know more about this mysterious Spanish cycle, contact us".  I just bought a BMS Roman's 50cc and researched the company. After a lot of looking I finally found Broward Motor Sports, and it seems to be them - but no Roman's is listed so I'm confused by that. Thought you guys might want that name as a start off point for more research and to know more about their bikes.

    There is no information about the Spanish machines on the Broward site. Ed.

February 27th 2005
There is no mention of BMS in my early Tragatsch, and a search of Google has turned up nothing of use. Ed.

March 14, 2002
In 1968, I bought a B.M.S. motorcycle in Madrid, Spain. I was told it was used by the Spanish highway patrol and was made in the 1950's.  It had a single cylinder, twin exhaust, two-stroke (?) engine.

Recently, I was in the San Diego Automotive Museum (in San Diego, California, USA) and saw a motorcycle that looked remarkably like my BMS. It was an east German Simson.

This is the only information I have been able to find out about the BMS, and, except for your listing of Spanish motorcycles, have seen no mention of it.

If I can find a picture in my albums at home, and can find a way to scan it, I will send it to you. I no longer own the bike having sold it some 12 years ago. -- MyersCC at

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