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A Brief History of the Marque

Suhl is located in the southern part of the former East Germany.

Simson was the largest East German moped manufacturer. Today they are a lot smaller, but still exist - see

They began production in 1948 with a well made 250cc four stroke called AWO 425.

By 1960 this bike was too expensive to make, compared to the MZ, so the communist government ordered them to make mopeds. They made models like the simple SR1 and SR2, sports models like Sperber and S51 and the million-seller scooterlike Schwalbe.

In the 60's they were among the most modern mopeds, but in 1990, the year of reunification, they only had old models. Their glory days were in enduro and Sixdays events where they won everything one could win, including World Championship.

The 1990 winning 80cc bike featured rotary disc inlet and 29HP.

Simson engines were also used in road racing. I own two of those : a 1966 8-speed 50cc and a 1972 rotary inlet 6 speed watercooled 50cc with 16,5 HP.

Martijn Stehouwer -- stehouwer at
January 3, 2001 (edited 2101)

Before the war Simson was a sporting gun maker located in Suhl, owned by 3 brothers of Jewish descent. The factory was expropriated by the Nazi's and re-located to a concentration camp to make guns for the German army. After the war the Russians took the factory and made small motorcycles. The 3 brothers managed to escape to the U.S.A
~ Bob Collings (in comments on a FB post, April 9th 2015)

For more Simson history see BSW , IFA and AWO

stevesrepo at
Simson SR2
I need the fuel shut off valve and a carburetor it runs in drives Boo when you shut it off It flood it self out... I also need a key to open up the side compartment .. I would like to sell it but I do not know what it's worth ...
Steve Sturgeon
Lonoke Ar. 72086
  • Simson-SR2-SSt-01 02 images posted to Comments.

Wed, 07 Feb 2018
tlatoani12 at
Simson SR2 1957

Hello, I live in Dallas Texas, and I need some help with my daughter moped Simson SR2 1957, I need to service the engine (change oil) and I need to know how to how to service that engine please. Where can I fine some information. I will really appreciated it your help. Thank you very much. Rolando.
Rolando Ronquillo
Carrollton USA

Thu, 26 Oct 2017
stevesrepo at
Simson sual Sr2 1959

Looking for parts
Steve sturgeon
Arkansas USA

Wed Jun 14 2017
Sadiec at
1960s Simson Simson
Looking for a Light lens from the handle bar cover. Please advice where I can get one

Do you mean a headlight lens? Ed.

Fri Sep 02 2016
gallagherduncan at
simson s 50 n
i need help finding a club that can verify the year and make so as to help getting a registration number.

Tue Dec 22 2015

mail at
Simson Schwalbe KR 51/1
Hi, I would like to sell my old Simson Schwalbe KR 51/1, built in 1965.Everything is complete, the original papers and handbook are also there. I didn´t drive her for a long time, so the carburetor might need some cleaning, battery and oil might have to be changed.
Do you have an idea, where I could sell my Schwalbe?
Thank you very much for an answer,
best regards from
engine number: 1355715
frame number: 455 811
Germany, Baden-Warttemberg, Tennenbronn (Black Forest)


Fri Oct 23 2015
msgroupegypt at
inquiry about simson bike
value please for this 1957
i have simson bike in very good condition model 1957 may i know the value price please    thank you

Wed Nov 26 2014

marcograsset at
Regulator voltage for Simson Suhl Motorcycle 1961
Simson Suhl typ 425S
Ium looking for Regulator voltage for Simson Suhl Motorcycle 1961

Fri Feb 14 2014
skye482000 at
For Sale 1957 Dealer Demo
Simson 250 Sport
Very nice lw mileage, original Simson 250 Sport. Matching frame and engine numbers(168721). Always indoor storage from new. Includes manual and tools with pouch. Engine is free with compression but missing key. Low miles: 1074
Lincoln, Nebraska USA

Fri Sep 27 2013
Please "HELP"
Simson S51 Enduro
Hi ya, In need of English Workshop manual, Or Advice on removing rear wheel. Tried to translate the German manual, but sadly failed, any help is much appreciated, Cheers Trev.
Morton, Alfreton, UK

Wed Jul 03 2013
Won't start
Simson S51
My bike stalled twice when I put the footbrake on and now refuses to start at all, even though there is a good spark. Also I'm after a rev counter but so far no success. Thanks
Chesterfield UK

Mon Nov 05 2012
Engine parts for a remont
Simson 1961 250 cc
Sun Nov 4 2012

Hi, I'm looking for the engine parts of a bike
simson 250 cc. Can you help me to find these parts here in Miami, FL?
 Thanks in advance
Luis Novas
Miami, FL, USA

Tue Apr 03 2012
schwalbe s51/kr51
Hi, just wondering if anyone knows were to get cheap parts and a english manual or rebuild book for a simson schwalbe. Cheers.

Simson Schwalbe 1955 1991 by Motorbuch Verlag

Schrader-Typen-Chronik Simson Schwalbe & Co 1955 - 1991

This new 96 page hardback book with German text is mainly based on a compilation of original East German brochures and other promotional material covering the Simson & Simson-Schwalbe mopeds, scooters and off-road motorbikes from 1955 to 1991.

Chapters include a brief history of the company; first 1950s mopeds - SR 1, SR 2, SR 2E, KR 50; the 1963 Schwalbe scooter, Typ KR 51/1 K, KR 51/2; 1960s mopeds SR 4-1 Spatz, SR 4-2 Star, SR 4-3 Sperber, SR 4-4 Habicht; the Mofa SL 1; 1970s sport mopeds S 50, S 50 B1, S 50 B2, S 51, S 70; 1980s scooters SR 50/80; 1980s S 53. The book features 124 colour photos, plus a further 22 b/w. There is a section on Motorsport; and 9 pages of technical/production details.

Sat Feb 18 2012
used engine
simson kr 51/1
I am looking for a used engine or engine parts for my bike.Can you help me to find these parts?
Thanks in advance

Sat Oct 01 2011
simson parts
simson s51 12 volt
i need a few parts for bike spokes seat cover exhaust and front mud guard

Tue May 17 2011
automan30<at>twcny.rrdot com
Kick Starter Spring
Simson 425 T 425T
Wish to obtain a Kick Starter Spring for this machine
Mohawk, N.Y. U.S.A.

Mon Apr 18 2011
bighugie<at>msndot com
bike for sale
simson s 50
i have a simson s 50 still in the origional packing case ( never used ) i think it is from 1971 , anyone interested i can send photo's . it has spot rust on the guards and crome thats all .
east ayrshire

Thu Mar 04 2010
Pinto Diego Simson
salve, Sto vendendo mio moto . Questo e un moto UNGHERESE. tipo SIMSON SR50. Troppo belo . Il prezzo : 350 euro .Poco ustao, 4 marcia,Gomme nuove, Se interessa tipo moti ungheresi mi po scrivere. Se lo compri lo porto io li . Colore adesso verde!

Fri Jan 22 2010
garyrigby14 at
Simson Motorradn 425 S
Simson 425 S
My neighbour is looking for a CAM for a simson motorradn 425 S. Can anyone help?
Midlands UK

Thu Oct 22 2009
automan30 at twcny.rrdot com
Parts for a 1954 Simson Motorcycle
Simson 425S
I wish to purchase a new or good used magneto for this cycle. A defective DEB magneto model ZS3 is fitted on my cycle w/ sidecar at present.
Mohawk, N. Y. U.S.A.

I need the address of a Company where I can purchase a correct Magneto, Contact Points, Condenser and Coil for a 1956 Simson Model 425 Motorcycle.
N.Y.State U.S.A.

Sun Oct 18 2009
jennymn34 at hotmaildot com
simson s51
Have an Simson S51 and am looking for a manual in english as I need to take the clutch plates of and replace them. Also where would I get clutch plates?

Sun Aug 30 2009
wiwad at katamaildot com
Simson 250
Goodmorning,I'm looking for a Technical data about Simson 250cc 4stroke, I'm writing from Italy,Can you help me? thanks, Best Regards

Mon Jun 29 2009
selvin77 at gmaildot com
schwalbe kr51
i would like to travel around europe for a number of months on this fantastic bike. i realise that travelling such distances will require constant maintenance on this bike. the problem is that i cannot find a manual in english as my german is not that good. could u help... any help would be greatly appreciated.
jena germany


Schwalbe Motorcycles - SR1, SR2, KR50, Sparrow, Starling, Hawk and Sparrow Hawk (Gone, but an archive here: schwalbe-seiten)

Thu Jun 25 2009
dirkvhn at hotmaildot com
Simson six days
Hello, I am looking for good pictures and technical information concerning Simson Six Days (factory) bikes 50 and 80cc of around 1969/70.
Is there somebody who knows such a bike for sale?
Kind regards, Dirk

Sat May 23 2009
randyb at tiogahardwoodsdot com
need parts
Simson 1952 125cc
need fork rebuild kit, carb kit, electric system schematic

May 10th 2009

Now I made an older Simson logo. It's was on Simson Schwalbe. My father had a Schwalbe, and he was a happy owner. Theese bikes older series was good, because there was a cooler ventilator under the cover.
When I was young, I had an N50 type modell. It was good and popular, but the modified SB51 was better.
If you need, I will send my bikes photo to you.
Do you need a moderner Sheldon's emu logo?


Andrus Somogyi

Simson Logo

Larger PNG files, along with the SVG, are available from the forums

Sun Aug 24 2008
john.mcmahon12 at btopenworlddot com
simson 50cc
I would like know if i could get parts for this bike, wheels strickers etc.

Wed Apr 09 2008
ominous -boob-man at
Simson S51
Hi I am having problems getting my Simson S51 running and could someone please send me the carbouretor float settings for my motorcycle
GL17 9LN

Wed Oct 24 2007
danielstephenson1 at
i just brought an s51 simson with no engine (for some fun really) any idea where i can get an engine for this little beastie from. i live in the uk and dont read german so well like most of the web pages are in german i think. thanks in advance
bedford uk

Thu Sep 27 2007
excoolega at hotmaildot com
Simson S51

Hi dear competent,I want to ask you about Simson S51 carburator,Do you have a product for this model Motorcycle? My motocycle 1986 model Simson S51. If you have for this type and if it is suitable can you send me is's price and where i can found it in Turkey.Thanks Best Regards.

Mon Sep 17 2007
studio at gussarinodot com
1959 moped
1959 simson sr2 moped
I have recently purchased a 1959 simson sr2 moped in incredible condition
the paint is very good with all origanal emblems from tires to the seat to the origanal air pump stored for 40 years in a garage.
It tooks several hours to carfully clean and detail the moped thus having
40 years of dust on it, after cleaning it,to our amazement every thing is in perfect working order . The colour looks like a military tan .
could you please help me with some information on the history and the current value of this moped
many thanks Gus

Thu Aug 30 2007
jimel-koe at [bounced]
simsom 1966
i want to sell motorcycle, simson 1966 the unique model. whould you like to market it.
i am waiting for your recontact
indonesia, west java

Mon Aug 06 2007
ominous-boob-man at
wiring diagrams
simson s 50
I know that theres not a lot to go wrong with these bikes but i cant get a spark from the engine and i think it might be the wiring, please could you send me a wiring diagram of this bike, thanks , Lee
hayling island

Sun Jul 22 2007
peterapp at
Simpson 50c.c. comfort
We would like advice on selling a Simpson 50c.c. comfort fully restored circa 1987-88 which belonged to my late father
Sheffield England

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Sun Mar 25 2007
lendoyle at
simson enduro 50cc
What is the optimum two stroke mix for this machine?

For two-stroke oil mixture ratios, try this page: premix.htm

Fri Dec 15 2006
mcphee-48 at hotmaildot com
Contact with Simson owners
Simson s51
Hi all,
My name is Ian McPhee. I live in queensland Australia. I have recently returned from working in West Africa and have brought my Simson home with me. I am looking to be in contact with other Simson owners, either in Oz or anywhere.
Ian McPhee

Fri Aug 25 2006
Rhorvath65 at yahoodot com
1963 Simson moped
I am looking for a gas tank and an engine for my 1963 Simson moped. This bike was 100% complete, but people at United Airlines threw away those 2 items. As you can imagine I am furious, but there is nothing I can do but replace them. Any ideas on where to order parts? I'm in Denver Colorado.
Bob H.
Denver, CO

Sun Jul 02 2006
faslanbey at yahoodot com
we have a motorcyhle in turkey..1963 simson we want contac us about you machine thanks

Sun May 21 2006
snksims at yahoodot com
Simson parts needed
1961 425s Simson
Hello , i have a 1961 Simson 425s and need complete front gas tank mount, kickstart shaft, valve adjusters,and manuals in english. Can you help? Thanks Steve
Virginia USA

Tue Apr 18 2006
koeuth at
Front Right side Brake lever
1990 Simson 50
I'm looking for front brake lever on the right handle bar for my 1990 Simson 50. My son has tipped the moped and broked the lever.I can not find parts anywhere for this moped.

Have a great day,

Mon Jan 30 2006
gareth at
simson s51
please can you help me i am trying to find a part on the fuel tap that has broken.It is the niple the fuel pipe connects to can you help please

Sat Jul 16 2005
Eeddavies at aoldot com
simson 50cc enduro
i recently bought a simson motorcycle unfortunately it is in bits in a box,i am looking for a manual which will help me rebuild it can you help.

Thu May 05 2005
quad-405 at
awo simson 1955
i want to sell or change it for a4cikle, enduro cagiva 350-500ccm.

Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005
Email: kayomboadrehem at yahoodot com
message: I have a SIMSON MOTOR CYCLE S70 which have problems of piston rings.will I get such piston rings from your company?
Please inform me i want to buy.

Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005
subject: simson 425s
Email: tas at
message: looking for simson 425s parts. piston rings,head gasket, wiring harness, generator brushes, ect. Any information would be helpful. Thank You

November 18, 2004
Hello Sheldon,
Sorry to bother you but I found your site while looking for info on Simson and wondered if you might be able to help me out. I have a 125 supermotard that was shipped right before they went out of business and I am looking for someone that might know how many were made, if parts are available etc... do you have any contacts, links or know anyone that may know about these bikes?

Spencer Davis -- sdavismail at

June 29, 2001
Dear sir
Can you send me some catalogue about MZ and SIMSON ?
mahiran -- mahiran at

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