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IFA BK350 1952 Combination
IFA BK350 1952 Combination 

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A Brief History of the Marque

1939: DKW builds military motorcycles for the Nazis.

1945: The entire factory is disassembled and the machinery is confiscated by the Russians (much as they have done in Ukraine in more recent times). The AUTO UNION management moves to Ingolstadt in the western part of Germany.

1946: Production of parts and engines is resumed

1949: Motorcycle production resumes

1950: The IFA (Industrievereinigung FAhrzeugbau) RT 125 leaves the production line. It is an improved prewar design, robust and reliable. Later an engine with a displacement of 150cc was available besides the 125cc RT.  The fan cooled versions of RT engines were used in the IWL Pitty, Wiesel, Berlin and Troll scooters.

1956: The brand "MZ" (Motorradwerk Zschopau) was introduced. In the best years 3200 employees built more than 80000 motorcycles, many of which were exported to more than 100 countries. The new ES 250 is introduced.

In addtion to motorcycles and scooters, IFA produced bicycles, light commercials, automobiles and trucks. IFA marques included Barkas, Multicar, MZ, Robur, Simson, Trabant and Wartburg,

IFA was amalgamated with MZ around 1960.

Adapted from the page on MZ history:

Sources: Hartmut Schouwer

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