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AWO Motorcycles

Made in East Germany (DDR) 1952 - 1962
See also Simson

A Brief History of the Marque

Suhl is located in the southern part of the former East Germany. In the early 1920s the Simson company manufactured also large and luxurious automobiles, bicycles and weapons.

After the second war the Russians took control and formed "Awto Welo", better known as AWO.

From 1952 to 1962 they produced the AWO 425 T model, a single cylinder 250 cc, 12 hp, four stroke, shaft drive touring model. The 425 T is very similar to the BMW R 26 of the same period.

This was followed by the AWO 425 S (also marketed as the SIMSON 425 Sport), a single cylinder 250 cc of 15.5 hp, four stroke, shaft drive with better suspension and handling. In competition it was woefully outclassed by its West German counterparts from Adler, NSU and DKW.

Production of the 250cc AWO models was curtailed around 1963 in favour of two-stroke MZ models.

SIMSON Suhl was also very well known for 50 cc auto-cycles, many having the names of birds.

There are fan-clubs for these models. Look for the names "Schwalbe" or "Star" - they were produced in huge numbers until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

AWO was part of the IFA concern.


1950-1953 AWO 425 247 cc single cyl. (68 x 68 mm), 4-stroke 12 h.p. @ 5,500 rpm
1954-1960 AWO 425 T 247 cc single cyl. (68 x 68 mm), 4-stroke 12 h.p. @ 5,500 rpm
1955-1961 AWO 425 S 247 cc single cyl. (68 x 68 mm), 4-stroke 14 h.p. @ 6,300 rpm (later 15½ h.p.)
1955-1958 AWO 700 (275/3) 684 cc 166° V-twin, 4-stroke 27½ h.p. @ 5,500 rpm

Sources: Juergen Koch from "East" Germany (JKoch51 at,, A. Vassiliadis, et al.

jenny.treasure at hotmail dot com
Hi. I live in United Kingdom and I have an issue with registration my awo 425t on DWLA. I just bought this bike. On old V5 is showing 1957 of manufacturing year. But on the nameplate is stamped 1955 and the frame number is 59352,which must be 1955. Could you please send me by post or email official confirmation in English if it's possible , that my awo is manufactured in 1955 ? I need it to placed on DWLA office.
Thank you. Jenny.Zbyszek A

A marque specialist at one of the vintage motorcycle clubs may be able to help. Try under British Resources
AWO-1955-425T-JZb.jpg posted to Comments

Sat Jun 11 2016
Dstanoff at
What year and is
Sims on shul 425
Hello I am a picker from United States who just came across this gem I know it's old but I don't know anything else about it. Not sure what the value is on these or if there's actually a market. If you could let me know any information that would be great

  • AWO-425-Dst images posted to gallery.

Mon Sep 12 2016

scfetters at
AWO Simson 425s final drive parts
AWO 425S SIMPSON 1 sport 250 CC
I am looking for the final drive - driveshaft - Cardan shaft for a 1957 AWO 425s simpson 250cc thank you
Centerville OHIO

Fri May 17 2013

AWO 425 T
I'm from Bulgaria. I want to renovate my AWO, but i need many parts. I want to ask you can you help me for the parts or give me information of people or sites who can help me.
Best regards, Dian.

Sun Jul 15 2012
AWO Touren & Eisenacher EMW R35 for sale
AWO Touren & Eisenacher EMW R35 AWO Touren & Eisenacher EMW R35
AWO SUHL 425 - Modell Touren 1952 - 2000 Euro

Eisenacher EMW Modell R35 with sidecar - 1952 - 2000 Euro

Fri Apr 13 2012
manuel d'entretien Awo 425 T(1951)
le livre en français Awo 425T
J'ai acheté le livre pour les réglages de l'awo 425 T mais c'est en allemand est ce possible d'avoir la traduction en français ?

Wed Sep 01 2010
miloszb1<at>yahoo dot com
Cylinder and piston
1952 AWO T
I need information about clearance between cylinder wall and piston
(oem piston).Can somebody help me ?
Thanks Milos

Tue Aug 10 2010
jorppu<at>jorppu dot com
AWO spares
AWO 425
Where can I buy spares for my bike and Stoye sidecar
Naantali, Finland

Wed Mar 03 2010
miloszb1<at>yahoo dot com
1952 AWO T
AWO 425 T
Where i can buy gas tank stickers for AWO 425 T
1952 ?

Tue Nov 03 2009
automan30 at twcny.rr dot com
Source for parts & technical information.
AWO (Simson) 425 S
I'm in need of a source for purchase of spare parts/manuals & etc. for my 1956 Simson 425 With sidecar. I very much would like to communicate via e-mail with other owners of Model 425 AWO cycles. Any help much appreciated.
Ron Keno,
3187 St. Rt. 168,Mohawk, N.Y. 13407 U.S.A.

Mon Jul 28 2008
k-elie at
Seat feather
AWO 425T 1955
A friend of mine need a the "sattlefedern" (seat feather) to the front seat on his AWO.
He does not have access to internett, so I`m trying to help him!
Regards and thanks Knut
Oslo, Norway
The bike is an 250cc brand AWO 425 Touring. build in DDR (east Germany) in 1955.
I do hope this is information enough for dealers or for enthusiast that might have a spare front seat feather to this bike.

Tue Feb 26 2008
maria.ivanova at yahoo dot com
Awo 425 T
Awo 425 Tourist
I am from Bulgaria and my grandpa wants to sell his mororcycle Awo 425 T. I Will be thankfull if can advise me about the approximate price of such model in your country (it is in perfect conditions).
Thank you in advance!

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Tue May 16 2006
billigmdlp at aol dot com
AWO 425

I have an engine, trans & final drive from an 425. The # is 168724. Any idea when it was made, and if someone would be interested in buying spare parts? Thanks!
BTW, the final drive's number is: 169065 S.
The engine/trans does not turn over, the fd is stuck as well, but I will try to free them ever so gently(I've resurrected some /2 BMW's). From the outside I can see that there are no pushrods or valve cover. Also have a headlight bucket with speedometer, cable and wiring. It has had a sealed beam roughly installed.
The final drive and transmission both turn freely, now. The hand shifter seems to give me 4 gears, what is the shift sequence? Got no new seals or bearings to install, and I'm sure that after this many years they will leak without new gaskets and seals.
I think the parts are from a 1957 AWO 425 S.
Piston rings are still stuck to the cylinder. Magneto and generator were under the front cover, and appear intact ( I'll get after them with my ohm meter soon).
One of the rocker arms is stiff, and I've yet to check out the valves/head condition. Head is off and looks nice as far as- no bent fins or damaged sealing surfaces.
I'm just hoping to find someone that needs these parts to keep their ride on the road.

Mon Dec 05 2005
gregb at sunlineracing dot com
AWO 425
I own a AWO 425 1956 in all original condition, paint in excellent condition and running order. I bought from a gentleman in eastern Germany in the 1989. It has been garaged and all original. I has a extra seat for the rear fender

I would like to sell it. I am located in California....Any offers please...My cell phone is 661 312 5967 and my name is Gregory Berg.

I will have to scan photos at work tomorrow to insert. I have all the original documents, manuals as it was a police bike DDR

Attached are photos of bike in original form and also documents I received
with bike including a small blue AWO 425 manual book ( not shown )  The bike
runs perfect, just was serviced, valves and carb adjusted, new german tires,
seals, speedo cable

In your opinion , what do think the bike would bring in US Dollars???

Best regards,

Greg Berg
Valencia, CA 91355 USA

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