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A Brief History of the Marque

José Mercader began building auxiliary engines before forming Construcciones Ferrusola SA in Madrid in 1953.

Production machines were offered in 1954 beginning with 125cc model powered by Hispano Villiers. The motorcycles differed little from the many other marques appearing at the time, but they proved durable and affordable. That year 100 machines left the factory, which had 100 employees.

In 1957 they released the JM 200 model with a 197cc HV 4 speed engine. This proved very popular for both solo and sidecar use.

The HX125 Helix model appeared in 1959 with deeply valanced guards and a protective grille exiting from the rear guard to help prevent entanglement of women's skirts, particularly when riding sidesaddle as was still very much the custom in Spain. The chainguard was also fully enclosed.

A microcar venture began in 1956 but it did not enter production.

Other models include:

Cofersa 125cc 1952

Cofersa 200cc with Sidecar, c.1960

1. It appears that the company was owned by the family of Marta Ferrusola, wife of Jordi Puyol, president of the Generalitat de Barcelona.
2. A Helix is in the collection of Museo Guadalest
3. Advertised by Concesionario Muebles Duramas, S.A., Almirante 16, Madrid. Also MABSA.

Sources:, Tragatsch

j.fresco at
Cofersa 200 comparison
I'm trying to identify my late father’s motorcycle. I believe it could be a Cofersa 200 maybe.
Although in all my research I can not find the model with the same headlight/top of forks as it is curved on my father’s bike.
Can you help identify please?
Julian Fresco

None of the Cofersa images online appear to have a similar structure below the headlight. I suspect it may be another make, probably with aftermarket weather protection. Where and when was the photograph taken, do you know?
Image posted to Comments.

Hey thanks for this.
I've had confirmation today that Dads bike is actually a ROA Super Foxter 200cc in 1955.
I guess my enquiry can be deleted - Thank You regardless.
Best Wishes,

Mon Jan 07 2008
mick at
Cofersa 1954, 125cc
Seen in Formentera,Spain.
Engine Villiers, made in ?
Essex UK

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