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Cremsa Motorcycles

Manufactured by Construcciones Radio-Electro Mecánicas, S.A. in Barcelona between 1958 and 1966.

The firm built motorcycles, motocarros and tricycles. The first three-wheelers were powered by a fan-cooled Hispano-Villiers 6M engine and had utility tray behind the driver seat. It was named the Pato (Duck), and later the same year another machine with a carrier box at the front was built, also named Pato.

The first motorcycle was developed in 1958 and entered production in 1960. The Rally was offered with either a 197cc Hispano Villiers engine or and 250cc twin.

Cremsa entered the moped market in 1965 with 50cc Hispano-Villiers engines and 2 or 3 speed gearboxes.


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