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Iresa Motorcycles and Engines

Constructiones Meccanicas Iresa, Gindalera, Madrid, 1956-1959

Founded in 1949 by Antonio S de Baigorren, the company built motorcycles fitted with their own engines with a capacity of 48cc. Later engines were of 65cc and 98cc. In June 1953 they fitted a copy of the 197cc Hispano Villiers, but this proved problematical due to the use of the poor quality materials available at the time in Franco's fascist state.

The firm also built 48cc and 53cc engines which were used by other manufacturers, among them J.Y.M.B..

After suffering a fire in its workshops, the firm went into decline and finally went bankrupt in 1962.

N.B. There was another Iresa, a racing car from the mid 1970s, unrelated.

Iresa Cyclomoteur c.1949

Iresa 200cc Sidecar Combination, c.1956

Iresa 200cc with Sidecar, c.1956

Iresa 200cc Moto-Carro, c.1956

Iresa 1957 200cc Ideal

Iresa of Madrid c.1958


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