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ROA (R.o.a.) Motorcycles

Manufactured by Industrias Motorizadas Onieva S.A. in Madrid (1)

Motorcycles, furgoneta and motocarro were built from 1952 until 1967. The majority of these were powered by Hispano-Villiers two-strokes, but they also built machines for the Civil Guard assembled using BMW R-27 components. The R-27 engines were also fitted to motocarro.

ROA built some 40,000 motorcycles over 17 years of production.

Models included Foxter motorcycles and Triciclo three-wheelers, both available with 125 and 200cc engines.

Rafael Onieva Ariza (ROA) built his first motorcycle as a student in 1950, and went on to become a property developer, a man of considerable wealth and reputedly a very good person.

In the 1960s, as Tempo Onieva, they began building Tempo vans under licence from the German company and this venture was also a success. In 1967 the firm was absorbed by Barreiros, a major supplier of components for the Tempo.


Notes: 1. Period advertising gives the address "Calle Molina Lario, Málaga", but this may be that of a dealer.

robin_fortt at
R.O.A Super Foxter 200, 1960.
Dear Sheldon, I have a R.O.A Super Foxter 200, (1960) motorbike fitted with a Villiers 197 cc engine with a 4 speed gearbox. The reciept says its number ORK-36051 (but I cannot find this number on the engine anywhere). My question is that the advertising for this motorbike says that its a "Villiers 6 M" engine, whereas your table of Villiers engines lists the 197 cc for this era as being the "E" series. I would like to refurbish the bike, but I´m not sure which engine I´m dealing with. Photos are attached and any info would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance, Robin
robin fortt
Lugo, Spain

Engines for the R.o.a were built by Hispano-Villiers and likely have a completely different numbering set to any currently listed here. Should you find a source for such numbers, please share.
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