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Sturmey-Archer engines and gearboxes were fitted to numerous motorcycles. Sturmey-Archer History

jamn748 at
I would like to know!
Could you help me identify this Sturmey-Archer 2-speed gearbox? Output ratios are 1.8/1 low and 1/1 high. It works well but I need to know about the availability of belts, or if it could be converted to chain output. Cheers, Rick
Richard Willhite
Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

Have no further information at present. Images posted to Comments
af at
Have a 500 cc S-A that I would like to sell but have no idea what would be price-wise reasonable.
I hope the attached photos help. It was a “rescue job” from a mower and what you see is all I have.
I was going to use it as a door stop at home but the wife disapproved so I will sell it.
I cleaned it up and add:

    One piston ring missing. Broke at disassembly.
    The magneto is seized. I did not pull it apart.
    One head stud bolt is snapped. Needs to be drilled out.
    The valves need seating.
    A gear for the valve camshaft has a part of a tooth missing but it still drives the cam.

Anthony Facchin
PS Sheldon Emu sounds Australian. Is this correct?

    The engine is a Sturmey-Archer type DSRO built around 1930. The complete engine number is DSRo 34 RSJ 1177 - 34 would likely be the year, and RSJ is for Ransomes Sims & Jefferies, Ltd, the mower manufacturer. See also the post below dated Dec 2009.
    Sheldon's Emu was originally named European Motorcycle Universe by its creator, Sheldon Arbut, who hails from one of those frigid northern US states populated by people of Scandinavian descent.
    Images posted to Comments

Fri Dec 18 2015
alanevans450 at<
engine wanted
sturmey archer 742cc air cooled v
for restoration of raleigh safety seven 742cc air cooled side valve V twin and gearbox

Mon Jun 30 2014
davemurray1962 at
engine parts
sturmey archer msrm-33 , rsj
hello , I need help finding parts , a piston and rings , valve springs and colletts , two cams and timing gears . can you help me find where I can get the items thank you

Sheffield uk

Tue Apr 03 2012
Sturmey Archer engine
Ransomes Simm & Jefferies mower Mark 2
I have a Ransomes Sims and Jefferies mower circa 1930's in full working order, The motor runs beautifully, I would like to sell this to an enthusiast if it is of interest? Thanks Bob.
Beer, Devon England

Wed Jul 27 2011
alansparrow<at>aoldot com
sturmey archer 742cc v rwin
wanted set pistons sturmey archer 742cc v twin 1935 new/used hepolite part No 4568 covmo No 2244. Alan

Tue Aug 03 2010
information please
sturmey archer ma 1516 on block
please could you give me any information on the engine please it also has engine type LUIRSJ No 403 Many thanks Carl

Tue Dec 01 2009
tcp at
Sturmey Archer 600cc SV Single cylinder c1936
I'm looking for any technical info, handbook etc for this engine. It is actually mounted to a Ransomes Type R 36" mower that I will be restoring in the near future. Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks, Trev

Sat Oct 10 2009
mcfarlane.ofcrossford at
Screw wanted for magneto on Sturmey Archer 600cc SV engine
Ransomes crawler MG2
Screw required for chain-drive side of magneto left hand thread to secure sprocket on machine which I am restoring

Mon Aug 11 2008
arielitoscar at hotmaildot com
Sturmey Archer 600 cc

I am restoring a tractor Ransomes MG2, (when it is the only one in Argentina), and I need technical data and cutting the 600 cc engine Sturmey Archer, TB 7137, or tell me where I can write to obtain this information. I send pictures.

As of now, thank you very much.
Buenos Aires

Tue Mar 25 2008
mlucchini at
Sturmey-Archer motors 1908-1915
Sturmey Archer Unknown
Gentlemen, I would like to know if S-A has ever produced an opposite twin cylinder Douglas-like engine with bore/stroke 70 x 72 mm.
Tnk you and sincere regards
Massimo Lucchini Gilera
Milan, Italy

Wed Oct 17 2007
warnstrom at yahoodot com
Gear level
Sturmey Archer
Hi, I have one gear level to Sturmey Archer for sale, I dont know from which year. If you are interested send me a mail so can I send some pictures. Janne.

Sun Oct 22 2006
theballoonman at macdot com
What is the age of this engine?
Sturmey Archer
Ive just got hold of this Sturmey Archer engine and would be gratefull if someone knows the year and which bike it came out of. A picture of it in a bike would be fantastic. The engine no's are MSRM34 RSJ 198CC 1029.

Many thanks for any help.

cheltenham. uk

September 2005
Sturmey Archer engines
can you say if Raleigh fitted a Sturmey Archer 198cc side valve. I have such an engine which looks like '30s. thanks, John

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