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Amsler 1951 Sachs Motorcycles

Amsler Sachs Leichtmotorräder
Aco K 150 Sachs
Aco K 100 Sachs
Aco P 100 Sachs

Amsler & Co. AG

Carl Theodor Amsler built a business in the United States around 1852, and after fire destroyed his premises returned to Switzerland in 1862 where he joined his cousin, Prof. Jakob Amsler, in a business in Schaffhausen. After his death in 1888 his two sons ran the company.

The Amsler brothers became the Swiss distributors for the Sachs Torpedo around 1904, and in 1909 they began bicycle production.

In the 1950s they marketed motorcycles with 100 to 150cc Sachs engines. 1961 saw the advent of moped production, and the results were more than satisfactory - by the beginning of 1990 there were over 650,000 Sachs-powered mopeds on Swiss roads.

The company is now run by the 5th generation of the Amsler family - they still build mopeds (the Pony) and are the Swiss importer for Beta off-road motorcycles and Kymco scooters.

Amsler also builds bicycles and various motorised appliances including chainsaws and brushcutters.

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