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Tehuelche Motorcycles

Made in Argentina

Tehuelche is the Hispanic name for the people of Patagonia, inspiration for the legendary race of giants.

Juan Rafaldi and Roberto Fattorini emigrated from Italy to Argentina in 1949, along with their friend Carlo Preda, with the intention of building motorcycles, bringing with them both finances and workshop equipment. The first motorcycles went into production in 1955 fitted with OHC engines of 50cc which were later enlarged to 75cc, and in total some 4700 machines left the factory.

There was a relationship with the Italian Legnano concern, and some models carried that name for marketing purposes. (There was a similar relationship between Zanelli and Ceccato. As motosalpino.com.ar states at some length, "it's complicated")

When production ceased in 1964 the partners set up a competition workshop building 100cc versions of the machines, apparently with engines supplied by Legnano.

Adapted from a short article by Phil Aynsley

There is a Tehuelche in the Motor Museum of Buenos Aires

Sources: Phil Aynsley, tehuelche75.com.ar, et al.

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