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Tehuelche RF 75


Engine: Single cylinder SOHC 4-stroke

Bore & stroke: 48 x 41 mm

Compression ratio: 6.5:1

Engine Capacity: 75cc

Maximum power: 4.74 h.p. @ 6,500 rpm

Valves: Two valves arranged in a 90° configuration, operated through rocker arms

Distribution: Gear-driven overhead camshaft (SOHC)

Carburettor: Dell'Orto MA16 made under license in Argentina

Cooling system: Air cooled

Lubrication: Wet sump forced circulation with mechanical gear pump. A hook, attached onto the connecting rod, dips into the oil in the sump and splashes it around the inside of the engine

Transmission: Gear primary, chain final

Clutch: Cable operated with multiple wet disc in oil bath

Gearbox: 3-speed foot-change

Gear ratios:

1st gear 2.628

2nd gear 1.542

3rd gear 1

Throttle: Cable operated

Frame type: Chassis made out of welded steel tubes

Front Suspension: Telescopic

Rear Suspension: Mono shock, Swingarm

Front Brake: Drum

Rear Brake: Drum

Front Tyre: 2.25 x 18 in.

Rear Tyre: 2.25 x 18 in.

Seat: Solo racing style

Fuel tank capacity: 10 litres

Fuel consumption: 1 litre / 50 km

Oil capacity: ½ litre

Top speed: 74 km/h


1st gear: 28 km/h

2nd gear: 48 km/h

3rd gear: 74 km/h

Weight: 66 kg

Source: Hessink's NL