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Henssink Auctioneers Nederlands

Dutch Auctioneers of the Italian Motorcycle Museum, Nederlands

A collection of engines, motorcycles and memorabilia from the Italian Motorcycle Museum in Amsterdam was auctioned by Hessink's Veilingen, Nijmegen - Nederland, June 2007.

The displays included a good many Kriedler machines which may be viewed here.

A notice on the website says that they are no longer in business.

Hessink's Veilingen - Kamerlingh Onnesstraat 35 - 6533 HK - Nijmegen - Nederland 
tel. +31(0)24-3555590 - fax +31(0)24-3555529 
Hessink.nl (offline Nov. 2017)

Boxer Performance
Boxer Performance
Increased torque and peak power for BMW Twins.