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Muriel Hind

Roc and Rex, ca 1906

Muriel Hind, Rex (L), and Roc (R).

Agnes Muriel Hind, possibly the first female motorcyclist, was famed for devouring her male competitors.

1882 May 27th. Born in to a wealthy Dorset family but was orphaned at age 7 and raised by relatives in Swanage.

1904 "HIND, Miss Muriel, Langton Matravers, Wareham, Dorset. Cars: 3-h.p. Singer motor-bicycle, 4.5-h.p. Benz. Total distance travelled since becoming a motorist: About 5,000 miles. Hobbies: Hockey, at one time cycling, but finds the latter "too slow" now. Started motoring in 1902, on a 2-h.p. Singer bicycle, subsequently owned a 2.5-h.p. machine of the same make, and now has a 3-h.p. Singer bicycle; thinks this make of motor-bicycle the best for ladies' use."

In 1906 Muriel won the gold medal for her performance in the 24 hour London to Edinburgh race. Her machine, built at the Rex Motor Manufacturing Co., is thought to have been designed by her future husband.

In 1910 she began writing a weekly column in Motorcycling magazine, "The Lady Motorcyclist". Her first piece contained this:

"I like the feeling of power, life, the mighty rushing wind beating on one's cheeks with the roar of the passing breeze and the beat of the exhaust deafening one's ear. This is the power that drives and here is the motorcycle's charm. But I am waxing too garrulous and must throttle down to legal limit or else the Editor will extend a warning hand and bid me stop."

Dick Lord, who rode Rex motorcycles in the IOM TT in 1909 to 1911, became a favourite of Muriel, and she married him in 1912.

In 1931 Muriel became the first woman to be elected a life member of the "Association of Pioneer Motor Cyclists".

1956 Died age 74

Note: Details of her achievements in Coventry's Motorcycle Heritage by Damien Kimberley. Published 2009. ISBN 978 0 7509 5125 9'

Credits: Graces Guide, nationalmotormuseum.org.uk

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