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Speedway motorcycles produced from 1956 to around 1990 by Alf Hagon
... Grasstrack D.V.G 3 Stamped on crankcase indicating it was previously owned and raced by Don Godden ex European Grasstrack Champion. If you have a query about Hagon motorcycles please ...
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Grasstrack, Longtrack and Shortrack Motorcycles - The Machines and their History
... 1934 Fairchild/Roccio Fairchild The Italian FBM FIS Poland Galbusera Dirt Tracker GM Italian Godden Story Greeves 1968 Grosskreutz Harley Peashooter Harley Davidson Speedway Bikes Hasegawa HKS Hedlund Hejisun ...
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Speedway Motorcycle History - Erich Lawrenz of Germany
... shortly before he died. The engine on this particular machine is made from a Godden crankcase, and on top, the head from a Desmo 916 Ducati engine ...
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Grasstrack, Longtrack and Shortrack Motorcycles - The Machines and their History
... 17:1 maximum. The RB 232 cylinder head has been placed on a Godden engine with modified cranks and lubrication system. The bore is 86mm and the ...
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British Motorcycle Manufacturers from A to Z; Historical information on (almost) every British marque.
... 1903 Glendale 1921-22 Globe 1901-05 Gloria 1932-33 GMMC 1902-03 GMS 1960s GN Cyclecars, 1910-1925 Godden 1975~1980s Goodwin 1901-02 Gordon Three-wheelers, 1954-58 Gordon-Simplex 1920s Gough 1901 Gough ...
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European Motorcycles from Sheldon's EMU
... gillet-herstal gillet-herstal-users gima gimson gitan gitane giulietta gl gladiator gnome-rhone gnome-rhone-1923 gnome-rhone-1930s gnome-rhone-1950s gnome-rhone-ax2 gnome-rhone-owners godden goggo goggo-cars goggo-owners goliath goricke graffigny grandex graziella greek greetings greeves greeves-anglian greeves-hawkstone greeves-roadtwins ...
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