British Motorcycles

Zephyr & Aerolite Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Made in England between 1921 and 1923, these cute little machines had Simplex engines of 110cc.

Zephyr & Aerolite Motorcycles

Manufactured by Small Engines Co of Coventry Road, Birmingham.

  • Zephyr was a motorcycle announced in 1917 and produced after the end of World War I, until 1922. This motorised pedal cycle reached the market after the end of the war, powered by 110cc Simplex engines*. It was also sold under the name of Aerolite. The machine was very light, weighing only 70lb (32kg), and was therefore ideal for those who could not handle a heavy machine. A ladies' version with an open-frame version of the Zephyr was also available, and it is likely that this model too was marketed as Aerolite; it have been on the market unti 1924.

Also listed as a 132ccc engine.

Sources Graces Guide, Henshaw, The MotorCycle

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