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Ajax 1923 Lady's Motorcycle

Displayed at Moretonhampstead Museum, Devon

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured in 1923 and 1924

Built by Ajax Motor Manufacturers of Coventry these lightweight motorcycles were powered by Villiers 147cc, 247cc and 269cc two-strokes, and Blackburne 346cc sidevalve enginess.

The firm is also listed as Ajax Motor Manufacturing, Arthur St. Birmingham (1), and the note goes on to say that the firm built only an open-frame 147cc "Lady's Model".

Ajax-branded motorcycles were also sold in Italy in the mid 1930s with AJS engines, and in Belgium in the early post-war years using engines from Sachs and NSU.

Notes. 1. Moretonhamstead Motor Museum.

Sources: Tragatsch p71, Henshaw et al.

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