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Aster Motorcycle Engines

Brief History of the Marque

was a French manufacturer of automotive parts based at 11 Rue des Chaumettes, Saint-Denis, Paris.

For a period they also had manufacturing capabilities in Wembley, UK, as Aster Limited

From 1900 to 1910 ¹ the company produced engines and chassis, though it is not known if they built complete cars or motorcycles². The firm, whose full name was Ateliers de Construction Mecanique l'Aster, exhibited a four-cylinder automobile chassis at the 1907 Paris Salon.

Among the companies for which Aster produced power units and other parts were Austral ³, Gladiator and Arias in France, and British marques Argyll, Century forecars, Clement, Dennis, Singer, Swift, West and Whitlock. They also supplied engines to a number of American firms and to the Russian-built Starley of Saint Petersburg.

Most of these engines, which included a 335cc single, had horizontally split crankcases made from bronze.

1. Henshaw gives 1898-1910, as does Tragatsch.
2. Tragatsch says they built three-wheelers, cars and motorcycles, pp 78-79.
3. Aster possibly marketed an Austral model under their own name.
4. Other addresses listed: 74 Rue de la victoire, Paris, and 33 bld Carnot.

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