Dutch Motorcycles

Batavus Mopeds

Batavus models include:

1939 Batavus with 125 cc ILO engine
1949 Baravus Startfite
1963 Batavus Conforte
1963 Batavus Bilonet
1963 Batavus mat-o-mat
1968 Durolon Batavus
Batavus Appelbloesem
1975 Batavus GoGo, Bingo
1976, 1977 Batavus Intercycle
1977 Mobat
1978 Batavus Regency VA II
1978 Badger
1980 Batavus Regency
1980 Batavus Starlite

For a more complete list see Batavus Models

greg at rhpvideo.com
1960's era Batavus Bilonet
Do these have any value? Found in Texas United States
Gregory LeBlanc
United States

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berniesimpson at outlook.com
How much are they selling for in good condition? They must be extremely rare. In Canadian dollars please.
Chelsea, Quebec Canada
berniesimpson at outlook.com
Hi I have just acquired a Bingo and plan to restore it to it's original condition. I live in Chelsea Quebec Canada and would like to know where the best place is to get parts and history of this model. Is there a Canadian Distributor. A USA distributor or can I go direct to the factory for parts.
Bernie Simpson
Chelsea, Quebec J9B 1L2

  • Batavus manufacture ceased around 1983. Ed.

easyjenks1 a t gmail.com
1977 batavus starflite va2
i think i have the model right. i am rebuilding this scooter and was curious what the proper fuel type/ratio i needed.
steve A Jenkins

gerkenicolai at hotmail.com
batavus bronco
i am looking for 2x handle bar batavus bronco and 2x seat
gerke nicolai
jesstess at kingston.net
Batavus. Bingo moped 1975
Looking for decals for my moped still in all org, my Grandfather bought it new in 1975 and give it to me when i was old enough to play around on it now looking to get it looking new again any info on decals and parts would be appreciated thanks
Danielle griffin
Inverary ontario canada

hansreichert1 at t-online.de
Batavus HS 50 1978
Hallo , i have a Batavo HS 50 from 1978 , vehicle number 824450 . I have lost the papers , would you send me a double of the origin papers ? Thank you very much , greetings from Hans !
Hans-Jürgen Reichert

  • The following page has limited information. Should you discover more which could help others please share. : Documentation

luisalonso at jacustomfab.us
Batavus moped 1977 HS50
Do you have the Gas Tank?
Luis Alvarez
Lake Worth, FL

  • Sorry, we don't sell parts.
    Batavus-1977-HS50-Mobat-Tank-LAl.jpg posted to Comments
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barbsolomon at rocketmail.com
09-1977 765823
I am looking for a carb for a Batavus mowped Standard. 09-1977 Serial no.# 765823 Can you help me??
Barb Solomon
United States

Mon, 05 Feb 2018
john.bugarija at amentatech.com
Batavus HS50 1975

Dear Sir/Madame , I am looking for a part for the Model , it is called clutch hub (part 21) in link for parts http://projectmopedmanual.info/Manuals/Batavus/M48-spare-parts.pdf any help would be greatly appreciated .. thanks John
John Bugarija
Ontario Canada

Mon, 11 Sep 2017
bsfrye at hotmail.com
Batavus 1963 bilonet ss

Was hoping you could give me some information about my running 1963 bilonet super sport. Pretty cool find but very hard to find any info on it. Thank you very much!

  • Batavus-1963-Bilonet-SS-BSf.jpg posted to Comments
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Sun, 3rd Sept 2017
 danv500@ writes in Comments

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Mopeds were something new in Indianapolis. It was legal to ride one on the street if you were 15 y/o. One had to be 16 to drive a car or motorcycle. There was a Batavus dealer and I took my dad there to look at them. I preferred the Mobat as it looked more like a motorcycle. My dad surprised me on my 15th birthday with the 1977 Batavus VA Bronco though. He thought it looked more comfortable to ride. Yeah, for an old man! I was very happy though. I think it cost $500. It usually only went 20-25 mph. I'd trail my friends all over on it. Then the next year, they all got Garelli mopeds that looked more like motorcycles and went 35 mph!

Tue, 22 Aug 2017
davidaupchurch at gmail.com
bavatus intercycle 1983

my bavatus intercycle has no spark but im getting voltage out of grey black and white wires any suggestions
david upchurch
gaffney south carolina

Mon, 31 Jul 2017
redamon at eastlink.ca
Batavus 1977. Go Go

Hello, could you please tell me if parts for the above moped are still available. Thanks so much.
Fall river Canada

  • Some parts are available. Contact one of the moped dealers and specify the parts you require.

Fri Jun 09 2017
greg.pilon9 at gmail.com
carb kit for an HS50
batavus HS50
I am wondering if you know where I can order parts from. Need a carb kit for starters. I live in Toronto.
toronto, ON Canada
  • Batavus-HS50-Toronto-DQ.jpg posted to Comments
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Fri Apr 28 2017
deargoat at yahoo.com
Batavus Starflite
Bat Starflite Va50
Is there a way to get a decals for the for the sratflite if i decide to repaint?
Columbia, MO, USA

Fri Feb 17 2017
st.cullen at hotmail.com
Batavus Bingo V
I own a red Batavus Bingo V moped from the early to late 1970's. I recently visited your website to find some information about this moped but I noticed that you don't have a lot. I know that this moped has a Laura M48-02 carburated engine, the manual that comes with the moped says it has a 40MPH top speed. My testing confirmed this. This moped also came in different models, since some have rear shocks, and mine does not. The Batavus Bingo also has a 3.5 litre gas tank installed from the factory. The fuel is a 1:25 ratio mixture with gasoline and two-stroke motor oil. Please don't hesitate to email me for more information about this moped.

Thank you,
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

This information added to the Batavus Bingo page.

Tue Oct 11 2016
la.new at goalac.org
Batavus Bilonet Supersport
I have a motorcycle that I need appraised and I have no idea where to start. I am located in the US. It is year 1963.
Cortez, Colorado

Wed Sep 07 2016
northern_ontarian at hotmail.com

Batavus GO GO
Please help id year of manufacture

Believed to be around 1977 model. See frame number in picture.

Mon Jun 13 2016
nirot177 at gmail.com
Batavus Pronto
What engine is fitted to this bike and what is the equivalent model as I think this is just a UK name

It was available in Europe. Photo posted in gallery

Tue Jun 21 2016
marquetcecile01 at gmail.com
Marquet Cecile
Batavus Batavette Starflite-21 1968
Bonjour ! Je voudrais savoir combien je pourrais vendre un vélomoteur bleu modvéle Batavus Batavette 1968 N° de cadre : 629987
PVA 60.238 un collectionneur sans me faire arnaquer Je souffre d'une maladie mentale donc je ne sais pas si j'ai commis une erreur avec les photos du site mais la mienne est bien la bleue Starflite-21 Merci beaucoup
Spa, Belgique

Hello ! I wonder how much I could sell a lomoteur blue model Batavus Batavette 1968 Stock No frame: 629,987
PVA 60 238 at a collector without getting ripped off. I suffer from a mental illness so I do not know if I made a mistake with the website photos but mine is the Starflite-21 blue Thanks very much

Mon Apr 25 2016
joe34h at yahoo.com
Batavus Regency
I think I have this moped , its going to take a lot of work to get her up and running , Piston appears seized, I'm trying to find a proper engine that will fit it,. I've heard I could modify to fit almost any engine but in reality I would prefer to keep it original if possible , any help would be nice
Everett, Mass, USA

Sat Aug 01 2015
erudolf64 at hotmail.com
wanted info or parts
1961 batavus ts 50 super sport
wanted info,wiring diagram for jlo german engine,or parts. I need coil, headlight, gas tank emblems, tailight, front fender peice, exhaust tip
USA, R.I. 02864

Jul 29 2015
vintagevinyl atlive.com
Need Year on Batavus
Batavus Starflite
Hi, we are in Kansas City and desperately need help trying to sell this for a friend. We can't even figure out if it's a 1949 or late 1970's model...any help on year/value much appreciated. Thank You!
Kansas City

Mon Jun 01 2015
joorland at gmail.com
1958 Batavus
Bilonet Pigano
I recently received a donation of a 1959 Batavus Bilonet Moped.
 It runs and is in good condition. What would be the value range of this vehicle?
Santa Cruz, CA
Very nice image of this machine in the Batavus gallery

Thu Jan 15 2015
damalinows at hotmail.com
rear tricycle wheel
batabus regency
Looking for rear wheel for batavus regency tricycle moped.
cedar key, fl

Sun Sep 15 2013
In Search Of Bingo Batavus Footrest and Stickers
Batavus Bingo
Looking for footrest for my 1975 Bingo Batuvus. Preferably red but would be open to other colors. Please contact me I will cover the shipping. Also looking for original batavus and bingo stickets

Tue Aug 06 2013
wanted motor
batavus bingo
motor to fit bingo batavus
nova scoti

Thu May 02 2013
78 batavus regency
batavus regency
I am looking for a carburetor for my batavus regency and also a throttle cabel if you could help me out on finding one at a good cheep price I would be very grateful Thank you

Thu Jun 13 2013
Batavus hs50 replacement belt needed
77' Batavus hs 50 HS50 (49cc)
Does anyone have a link, or just have, a belt for the 1977 hs50? It's super hard trying to match it at the hardware, or small engine shop....

Mon Nov 12 2012
shafshome<at>hotmaildot com
I own 77 mobat - batavus
batavus mobat
77 batavus mobat - owned since new- has windshield and baskets I have original book currently no pics but I can send - what are you looking for?
Allentown, Pa , USA

Tue May 01 2012
1977 Mo Bat
mo bat 11-1977
Looking for information on a 1977 Mo Bat

Fri May 11 2012
holland 1950
i have a batavus moto for sale

Sun Mar 18 2012
need parts asap
batavus gogo
looking for a carb to fit this wee 1975 batavus gogo

Thu Oct 20 2011
lilbare25<at> yahoo.com
for sale
batavus regency trike regency
have 2 batavus regency trikes for sale for rebuild or parts 1 812 350 2941 thanks

Fri Aug 05 2011
ashley21701<at> yahoo.com
authorized dealer/mechanic
batavus regency hs
just bought this bike, it is in bad need of a tune up. it sounds like its mis-firing, the mixtures just aren't right
frederick, md

Tue Jul 19 2011
what is the price of my 1978 Batavus
Batavus 1978 Starlite Batavus
I found this batavus in my aunts garage and it used to be my dads, it has every original part and was sitting for 25 years and started in one push on the pedal and i was wondering what the price might be for my 1978 Starlite Batavus
SC,Summerville,United States Of America

Tue Jul 05 2011
budiswasono<at> yahoo.com
spare parts clutch rubber
batavus mat o mat 1963
please give me information where I get Cluthc or Rubber belt for my batavus mat o mat 1963

Fri Jun 24 2011
Owners/part manual
Batavus Starflite
can you help me find a service manual for the 1980 Starflite
NH, USA Manuals listed here: books-manuals.htm

Thu Jul 14 2011
snookkaren<at>rocketmaildot com
batavus Regency
Do you know where I can get a fuel line shut off that mounts to the gas tank, pictures included

Batavus Regency

Mon Apr 25 2011
chris.irwin<at>amesondot com
Batavus Parts
Batavus 1980 Starlite
Need to find a pedal chain tensioner (wheel or entire assembly). Please contact.
Chicago, IL

Mon Apr 04 2011
fairlane163<at>yahoodot com
1978 rebuld
batavus starlite
i need to rebuild my 78 Batavus i need a set of rings and a piston kit
lincoln, NE

Wed Mar 16 2011
Batavus HS50
Does anybody have a exhaust for a hs50 or both side panels(chain guard)Knowedge of owners club,if not bike for sale.
Stroud glos

Wed Feb 16 2011
need parts list
Batsvus startfite
I have a bartus 1949 Baravus Startfite I need a parts list and where I can get parts for it Also I need to know if I can get a owners book

Sat Dec 11 2010
michellerhay<at>hotmaildot com

1977 Batavus Intercycle
Where can I order parts for My 1977 Batavus intercycle? The vin is 832750.
Illinois, USA

Thu Aug 26 2010
rocky.rowan<at>yahoodot com
batavus moped
batavus intercycle 11-1976 model # 726982
i dont know a lot about these but i got from a friend and worked on it n got it running can someone tell me what its worth?

Wed Jul 28 2010
electriche aansluiting
batavus sachs 4 voetversnelling 1974 niet bekend
kunt uw mijn een schema sturen voor de electriche aansliuting van de kabels er komen 4 kabels uit het motorblok?
hlland/millingen aan de rijn

Wed Jun 23 2010
Carburetor Parts
Batavus Regency
I need a carburetor rebuild kit for my 1980 Batavus Regency. Do you know where I can get one or other parts?
Lowell, MI, USA

Mon May 17 2010
hersh8880<at>aoldot com
ratio gas and oil
1977 Batavus intercycle
I inherited a 1977 Batavus intercycle moped. I don't know what the gas and oil ratio should be. Any ideas? Thanks Patrice

Thu Apr 15 2010
budiswasono<at>yahoodot com
belt drive spare part
1963 batavus mat-o-mat
please give me information , where I can get "BELT DRIVE" for my Batavus mat-o-mat 1963. In budi from Indonesia.

Mon Mar 08 2010
bonvoytrav<at>aoldot com
1980 Batavus Poped Starflite va
I have 1980 Batavus Moped. I have kept n my garage fpr the past v15 years. Needs muffler but otherwise is in excellent shape. I am planning on selling it but I would klike to know what the valiue of the moped is.
Lancaster, Pa The page on Vintage Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Wed Oct 14 2009
rjweberhome at gmaildot com
looking to verify model year
Batavus BS 50
I have what appears to be the serial#B1135 462431 on the stearing stem. Wonder if you could help verify the year and model. It is currently not runnign but I would like to get a manual for it and have it runing for my nephews next spring. thanks
Ontario Canada

Sat Oct 10 2009
chegw83 at yahoo.co.uk
Batavus GO GO
Hi. i've just got an old go go. i know nothing about it. is there a way i can research it. maybe with a serial no.or something. thanks
Hastings, England

Mon Aug 10 2009
areeves121051 at yahoodot com
Batavus ??
Having no success ID'ing
this Batavus. Think it might be TS 50, early 60's. Help. Thanks!

Sat May 02 2009
porkysjunk at yahoodot com
need help parts
hs50 752248
i got this giveing to me i need some parts can you help email me
thanks rob
new hampshire

Sat Apr 25 2009
edgjn at aol.com [bounced]
Durolon Batavus
need 1968 Durolon Batavus repair manual.

Thu Apr 23 2009
hamlinej at eckerd.edu
1976 Batavus Moped appraisal
Batavus 1976 moped
Hello, I own a red 1976 batavus moped that needs a carb rebuild, new tires, and a new gas line but otherwise in perfect condition (it has been garage kept since 1976) with original everything. Could you tell me how much it is worth approximately? I'm pretty clueless as to where to find information on it or what to do with it. Should I restore it and sell it, sell it as is, or restore it and keep it? Thank you so much for your help, Elise Hamlin
St. Petersburg, FL

Tue Feb 17 2009
jimntam060703 at yahoodot com
79 Batavus Regency
Batavus Regency Torque Omatc
Lauraen Motoren # 100515 M56-01. All Parts For Sale. Excellent Condition. Bike Intact.

Now why would anyone strip a machine in excellent condition for parts, hmmm? Ed.

Tue Feb 10 2009
Gerds60 at gmaildot com
Batavus Batavus Villiers 197cc
Hi; nice site this is; I have info on Batavus Villiers 197cc. Motorcycle was manufactured after the war, Story is the frames were ready but they had to wait untill import restrictions were lifted after the war so engines were later installed. I will add one photo(to begin with)from an old book and a real one of my bike. I am on a constant lookout for finding a folder though! I will also send you photo's when the projects is finished (approx this/next year)

Regards; Gerd.
Alkmaar The Netherlands

Images are in the main Batavus gallery. Ed

Wed Dec 10 2008
bilshen at aoldot com
Batavus HS50 TYRES
Where can I Buy TYRES for 20 Inch BATAVUS wheels In UK
forfar There is a selection of tyre resources here:
Vintage Motorcycle Tyres

Wed Dec 03 2008
kcjackson19 at yahoodot com
batavus 1979 regency parts
batavus regency 1979
i am looking for a carb rebuild or a like new carb along with a good clutch and a gear for the transmission does anyone have any of these parts or know where to find them ive been every where i might have a lead i live in rhode island so theres not alot.it has the square head 1979 laura m48.
rhode island usa

Thu Nov 27 2008
kap-sauer at yahoodot com
these 2 bikes were stored for 30 years in excel.cond. VA is orange
HS is red
new jersey

Mon Nov 10 2008
bilshen at aoldot com
batavus fs50
where can i get spares for batavus in uk

Tue Oct 28 2008
klovesm424 at usadot com
parts and how to
bativus regency
i just bought this 1979 30mph regency. the pedals only work at certain points like a stripped gear. now i have a repair book but itson a 76 hs 50 and so much is different. i was wondering how to tune the motor and how to fix th pedals or at least how to get info.and iwas also wondering where i could find the parts for it. any help would be appreciate
rhode island, usa

Mon Aug 18 2008
ethompson16 at neo.rrdot com
batavus hs50
where can you get one?
Ohio USA

Fri Aug 15 2008
chester-tillson2003 at yahoodot com
29 year old moped
batavus starlite
orginal perfict condition and running crome shines all around no rust. will have pics soon right bidder will own it

Mon Jun 02 2008
mark-a.student at yahoodot com
Batavus Equipment code translation
Batavus Mondial
I have a 1980 Batavus mondial moped. the VIN has the characters "MPML6" for it's EQUIPMENT CODE. What do these characters mean? Also, If you happen to have any general maintenance info, like carbeurator adjustment and gas/oil ratio, I'd appreciate it. Thank You.
Shelton, CT, USA

Wed Apr 16 2008
dollabill-47 at hotmaildot com
Batavus 50 moped value
Batavus VA HS 50 30 mph version
I recently purchased a 1979 Batavus 50 moped in mint condition and was wondering what it might be worth.
Blooming Prairie, MN

Fri Mar 07 2008
mphpupy130 at aoldot com
Mint cond HS50
Batavus HS50
I have a 05-1977 HS50 in mint cond i picked up from and old lady in NY i might be posting on ebay i polished it and man it looks so new i would like to know if its a 2 cycle and if so what its the mixture thank you
mass USA

Mon Feb 25 2008
benkohn at prodigy.net
Need Parts
Batavus 1978 Batavus regency
Need Piston Ring set any info will be deeply appreciated. Otherwise I WILL HAVE TO PART OUT THIS NICE Moped.

Ben Kohn,
Cocoa, FL

Thu Feb 14 2008
torfinn91 at hotmaildot com
Batavus m48 engine
batavus m48
I need parts to batavus m48 egine:) Do you know somebody thet sells parts??

i need complete piston, base gasket, Intake gasket, exhaust gasket, sylinder studs and Connectiong rod bearing
to batavus m48 egine??

Thu Jan 31 2008
torfinn91 at hotmaildot com
batavus 1975 starflite - tramp
hi:) do you hawe parts to: Batavus Intercycle??
type: starflite - tramp 1975 mod..
I need sylinder with top.. and maybe some other parts:)

Fri Oct 05 2007
kutley at monogram.zodiacdot com
Primary drive belt
batavus 50cc (1980)
need a primary drive belt for this 1980's model moped

Wed Oct 03 2007
cruzinglo at hotmaildot com
bactavus start but dies
1977 bactuvus hs50 17mph
hi i have a hs50 and it start and runs for a bit but dies soon after
minneapolis mn

Tue Sep 18 2007
chris at xitpavingdot com
1978 Batavus starflite
I need part information for a 1978 batavus starflite - s/n #841072.
please reply
waxahachie texas

Sun Sep 16 2007
wingman-57 at yahoodot com
Batavus website

It may be of interest to many Batavus moped owners to know that there is a website solely for Batavus Mopeds and motorcycles. You may have a look at www.batavusbromfietsclub.nl

Best regards

Wietze Jonker
The Netherlands

Tue Aug 21 2007
mfrench01 at sbcglobal.net
For sale Missouri
1976? Batavus Moped
This one is a Gem 903 miles! had it running last year,runs perfect. One flywheel cover missing,Are they the same? I think so. The price is $500.us I can e-mail pics.
Missouri USA

Sun Jul 29 2007
sqwolfe at aaawisconsindot com
need contact for parts
Batavus Mopeds 1979's
I have two 1979 Batavus mopeds. I am having carb problems and need gasket kit or complate new carb. Anyone have any idea who to call? Thanks for any help.
Berlin USA
No pictures yet but the Carb is a Encarwi and has stamped on it the following: 58H121/101

Sat Jul 07 2007
Klranch7 at aol.com
batavus durolon
found,vin# 023933 made in hollond what year? How cane I find out? Caint get thruoght on aol go to hot mail.klranch7. Thank you. Wondering.

Thu May 31 2007
udaugly1 at yahoodot com
sell 1979 batavus
1979 batavus
want to sell 1979 batavus complete moped
hobart ,in

Wed May 16 2007
cndylkr6 at yahoodot com
manuels for Batavus m48-2 engine
Any ideas?

Sun Apr 29 2007
naturalway at mindspringdot com
clutch plate and bearing
1978? Batavus Regency VA II
I need a clutch plate and bearing or ANY Idea how to do one
Thank you

Sun Apr 22 2007
mickey01 at comcast.net
fuel petcock
batavus regencyhs
im looking for a fuel petcock for my moped it has the cross tank need help badlt thanks

Fri Apr 20 2007
waste1978 at rogersdot com
moped part
1974 Batavus gogo (bronco)
i need a carburator as soon as possible
Canada, Ontario

Fri Apr 13 2007
drdarkie at yahoodot com
Moped Price with Title
'78 Batavus VA-50
So I am purchasing a Batavus VA-50, in good working condition with title and bill of sale, for $500. I've heard arguments about the cost of fixing these versus what you buy it for. It runs and I know it is a classic. Any information would be appreciated. I know parts exist, but are hard to come by.

Sun Feb 18 2007
k-athy-k at hotmaildot com
certificate of origin
batavus moped 48 cc year 1976
i would like to get my moped titled, and registered. I need a certificate of origin.I would appreciate any info that is out there on this subject!

Sat Dec 23 2006
hairymoped at sbcglobal.net
1977 batavus va50
I need an oversized piston, there is a "gouge" in cyl. and needs boring.
 please Email me
independence mo usa

Thu Dec 21 2006
Walto55 at aoldot com
batavus Star Flite
I have 2 of these bikes
What info can you give me as far as year, value parts availability? They seem to be in good shape nothing bent or broken, and eng. turns.
What country are they made in?
Thank You
Walt Ulrich
New Jersey USA

Parts will not be easy to come by in the United States, but there are several dealers in Holland, the country of origin, who will be able to help. For motorcycle values, see the page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices

Thu Dec 07 2006
msd at iae.nl
batavus supersport appelbloesem !
supersport appelbloesem
zeer speciaal en zeldzaam in originele staat

Sat Oct 14 2006
mike-morin at verizon.net
what type of gas dose the batavus 48cc take?
08-1976 48cc Batavus moped
I got a 1976 48cc Batavus moped but I dont know what the gas to oil ratio is, or even if it has one

Here are a few links on premix twostroke fuel

Sat Sep 30 2006
kardik at msndot com
I need a clutch pack for '80 moped
1980 Batavus HS 50
Maybe you can guide me in the right direction to find the clutch pac that I need. There must be someone out there that still makes them.Thanks for you anticipated help.
Rick M.

Tue Jul 25 2006
johnm at childrensmuseum.org
1978 Batavus Regency air box/filter
I am searching for a new or used air box/filter for a '78 Regency. I will gladly pay a good price even for a functional used part. Thanks!
Indianapolis, In
Attached is a few pictures of the bike in question. Thanks for your response.
John Marquis

Thu Jun 08 2006
tjgallagher2 at comcast.net
Batavus Starflite
I just took this really beautiful bike in on trade. I would like to sell it to someone who appreciate it for what it is. Runs great. Very low miles. All original. All offers considered.

Mon May 29 2006
onefoot47 at yahoo.ca
wiring for bingo moped
1974 Bingo Batavus
please help as the bingo has most of it's wires missing
ontario canada
if you look in Moped Army look at 74 to 76 bingo batavus most of the wires are missing this is why i am looking for a wiring diagram for the whole moped.mine has a lara 48 motor and it is a 1974 this info came from the serial number .the moped has compression and gets fuel we just need to some spark !1 Can you find wiring diagram for bike ? if so  thanks muuh Scott(onefoot47)
Wed May 31 2006
1974 bingo batavus
for sale offers!
london ont

Thu May 04 2006
frenchy-03 at hotmaildot com
batavus moped 48 cc
hi my names laura, my friend has just got one of these moped's and we're having a bit of trouble getting it going, just wondering if anyone knows a web address or a place with information? please contact me back if you do ! thank you

Wed Apr 19 2006
KC9BKK at aoldot com
batavus any
Any parts needed for a Batavus moped can be purchased at www.themopedjunkyard.com
The parts are good quality and you receive them quickly.

Mon Apr 10 2006
denisetrucks at charter.net
Wher do I start?
1979 Batavus Regency HS
My grandfather asked me to find info out on his Batavus he puchaed in 1979. Not as easy as I thought.. He would like to sell it and does not know how much to list it in the paper for? The bike only has 880 miles. Can someone give me a ballpark figure?

Thu Apr 06 2006
ken at ebolddot com
I'm looking for parts and info for a tricycle batavus. Don't know which model, no markings that I can see.

Sat Oct 22 2005
alan.swaby at libero.it

I have a Batuvus Ascot bike with drum brakes. Where can I buy new brake linings? I live in Italy but I go to England regularly.

Sat Oct 15 2005
patndavebaxter at btopenworlddot com
can anyone help me aquire a carburetta to cylinder manifold

Tue Oct 04 2005
jo at thegrapefruit.co.uk
batavus mk4s
I had one of these beauties in the mid 70's. I thought I was so cool. It looked so much better than Yamaha FS1e. Sadly I had to let it go in 1980 (thats girlfriends for you). At the grand old age of 46, I'm trying to find any pictures, manuals or even the holy grail it's self, a real life mk4s to buy. Anyone with any information, please contact me.

Wed Sep 07 2005
rrdorf at msndot com
I have 1979 Batavus Regency,48cc, Three Wheeler.Is this a production model ? It is very nicely done.

Sat Aug 20 2005
cdsk9 at mchsidot com
tagging Batuvus hs50 moped
I have a 1977 batavus hs50 moped. I live in Kansas. They are telling me that I have to tag the moped to ride in on the street. They say in order to tag it, i have to have a title or mso. I got this from my mother who bought it in California. She rode it while she lived there as well as Missouri when she lived there. Otherwise, it hasn't been ridden for about 20 years. She didn't have to tag it in either place. Can you tell me what to do from here? I am at a loss. Thanks. Christi

Tue Jul 19 2005
flyboy231 at att.net
I recently recieved a batavus HS50 and may need some carb parts as well as some other engine items i for sure need to replace the fuel lines, valve and possible the tank, any one know where i can get all of these parts. thanks alot...

Wed Jul 13 2005
simonepace at macdot com
batavus moped
Hi I am in need of a muffler that will fit the Batavus mopeds 48cc.
Does anyone know how to get one?

Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005
subject: batavus hs 50 1977
Email: greggandolfo at optonline.net
message: i hope you speak english
i had a batavus hs 50 in 1977
i would like to know if you know if anyone was selling one
i had the the red one with the gas tank on top
it was a great moped
i wish i never sold it
but i needed money for my first car
thanks greg lodi nj usa

Thu, 17 Feb 2005
subject: Batavus moped
Email: Louscanoes1 at aol.com
message: What happened to the company. Seems like right now there should be a big market for them, We just signed the keyoto Accord and it is now in effect.

Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005
subject: batavus
Email: sqwerf at yahoo.com
message: I need to get an owners manual for a 1977 Batavus.Can anyone help

Editor's Reply:
There is one on Ebay
Vendor's Description:
This is an owners service/repair manual for Batavus Mopeds from 1976 to 1978. This is an original unused manufactuers manual not a reprint. 98 pages with full diagrams and instructions written in english.

January 3, 2003
Please can someone help. I have spent hours on the internet looking for a picture of the first bike i ever had which was a Batavus pronto 49cc i don't know the year. If anyone has a picture of one or knows where on the internet i can find one can you please let me know. -- Thanks Julia Major -- julia.major at btopenworlddot com

January 3, 2003
77 Batavus starflite
I need the right cover, the one with vinyl tread, and starflite written on side. can you help? -- hairymoped at msndot com

October 2, 2002
I have a old Batavus SuperSport "bilonet" i am looking for parts /pictures/manuals for this type bike , is there anyone that might know were to find parts for this bike -- thanks -- Scott -- garrisonboys at mindspringdot com

August 10, 2002
I am in need of a complete pedal with arm for the right side of a Batavus moped. Do you have one? If so, how much? Thanks very much for your help. -- Nick -- nickthegreat at rogersdot com

August 9, 2002
Hi i own a Batavus moped and it looks like a VA. It has smaller wheels though. I am going to try to restore it, can anyone help me? Thanks -- Toby (e-mail: tobybalcombe at hotmaildot com )

July 24, 2002
I have 2 Batavus Mopeds we bought in 1979. Models are Regency and HS50. Any idea's on what we should ask ($$) for selling them? Any help you can give would be GREATLY appreciated. thank you -- dave.dedrickson at questardot com

July 16, 2002
i wonder if u can help me im looking for somewhere in the uk that has parts for batavus hs50 sports bike as im havin trouble gettin parts for myself -- Rhodeslinz at aoldot com

July 5, 2002
I have a 77 Starflite (yellow) and it was broken. I fixed it and now I know a great deal about it and how to fix common carburetor problems on it. If you need help just email me. Countach84 at aoldot com (JB) --

June 2, 2002
I have a Bronco Batavus Moped but i need parts to fix it up. If you know of a parts manual please let me know!!!
Ryan White
807 622 9309
rwhite at mail.lakeheadu.ca

May 5, 2002
I was given a black Batavus Bingo (1977). It only has 1,100 miles on it but needs a few parts. What is its value? Where can I go to get it fixed? The fuel line has a leak - need one pedal and left gear shifter. Thanks,  Frank, I live in Boston , MA -- frfrank at goarch.org

March 8, 2002
Batavus va-50. I would like to know what the plug gap and point gap is for this relic, the moped was given to me by a neighbor, it runs but it spits and sputters, any help on this scooter is appreciated, thank you for your time,  -- chris wardrop, indiana, usa -- res0kofh at netscape.net

January 6, 2002
My friend just got a 1974 Batavus Starflite in great condition, all origianl. Is there a web site that gives information on these bikes? Please let me know. ROn -- vinylhut at shianet.org

December 25, 2001
I have a 1976 Batavus HS 50, Veh. ID. 636612, Motor No. 771688, Type M48-13B. I just got it running Dec. 20, 01. It is red in color, a few minor repairs to make, but it runs great.
I would like to know the value of the bike. My e-mail is hjjm at bright.net Thank you, Herm

November 20, 2001
Hi,I'm looking for some chrome plates (the ones on the tank) for my 1963 Batavus Conforte, because mine are a bit rusty. If U want to see more Batavus pics you should check out my web-site : geocities.com/broersjacobs [404] 404
Flip Bromfiel -- bromfiel at hotmaildot com

November 15, 2001
how do I tell what year my Batavus moped is? -- melnick at canadadot com

August 18, 2001
I have a question, and I could find the answer anywhere. Maybe you can help me... I've recently acquired a 1982 Batavus Regency Moped. Yet, I can't seem to get it to start. No one has used it in about 7 years (before I bought it last week). Anyways, my question is this..what is the boot shaped thing that sets over the spark plug???
Please respond, even if you can't help. -- Mary -- Olathe Ks -- juliebrown4life at homedot com

August 17, 2001
I have 1 that looks like the hs-50 but with strait handle bars it has what I'm told is a govener on the inhibits the speed to 25 mph while the SpeedO says 40 where is the governer located and what does it look like? -- Nick  -- vze2p9nd at verizon.net

August 15, 2001
I am looking for batavus mk2 parts, like a buddyseat and some other small stuff, is there someone (from Holland) who can tell me where to get this stuff? -- Stijn Mertens -- stijn.mertens at hi.nl

June 26, 2001
I got two Batavus City there ok for restoration they are same look a like it's the model with the little wheels colored purple and running 25 km/h. If there is a new cigment (piston) in one of them and a new clutch plate in the other one I think they can run both. I want to sell them two, because I am looking out for a Ducati 350 if some one knows one I would love to make me a deal. And If some one have to see pictures of it Send me a E-Mail jjwate at pi.be

May 22, 2001
Hi my names Melissa and I have a problem I need help with. I own a Batavus VA and it was running fine last fall, but I had it stored all winter and now its not firing. I've tried everything to try and fix it. I got frustrated and didn't try to fix it again for a few wks then it wouldn't pedal. Once I got it pedaling again I hear a metal to metal sound. Can anyone tell me what may be causing the problem? -- Thanks -- my email is pootycat at hotmaildot com

May 21, 2001
I've got a 1974 HS-50 (with original manual) I picked up for $20 from a friend. It has not been used in at least 5 years, but was put away clean, and was in running condition when stored. It has a strong spark, air, and fuel getting to the cylinder, but it will not catch. If I give it a quick shot of "quick start" spray I can feel it "burp" when I try to start it. I'm pretty sure that once it catches it will burn off any varnish or carbon and run well after that. If there are ANY suggestions on a direction I can go with this, I would LOVE to hear them. I dearly want to get this "HOG" running. Thank you in advance. -- Richard -- richardbodner at homedot com

February 21, 2001
I have a 78 Batavus StarFlite Top Tank Model... Had it since new and it is all complete and in great shape except the fuel tank has rotted out! I need one! Any advice or hook ups appreciated! -- paul gaudio -- paul at igeneratorllcdot com

January 29, 2001
Hello I'm Karl, I live in Holland and I'm the proud owner of a Batavus Tourist 1956 and a combi sport 1964. My uncle owns a Whippet 1963 if you're interested look on geocities.com/broersjacobs [404] .To see some pictures there will be added more in the future -- student at acta.nl

January 11, 2001
I've got an old school Batavus moped. I'm looking for any info on it. If you can help me out I'd appreciate it. -- GreDog40 at aoldot com

January 8, 2001
Hi everybody. I just bought a Batavus Bronco moped, from 1974. I'm a complete ignoramus when it comes to engines (or anything mechanical) and I'm having a hard time starting it. I don't think there's anything wrong with it... I just don't know what I'm doing. I can peddle it along just fine, but how do I get the motor going? If anybody has any suggestions, please email me!
nanbeek at homedot com
Thanks in advance!

January 3, 2001
I live in Holland. Batavus,Sparta and Gazelle do not make Mopeds anymore.. There are still engine parts available,but people must tell me the make of the engine (ILO,Sachs,Anker-Laura) and what type of engine it is.
They produced special models for USA,so type-names like "Regence" and so can't help...I never seen one in Holland.
Martijn Stehouwer -- stehouwer at emot.nl

November 20, 2000
I run a website with info, pictures, etc for Batavus Mopeds. Hopefully it will help some people find parts etc.
geocities.com/Area51/Rampart/5931/Batavus/index.html 404 -- Derrick -- daehyllis at hotmaildot com

November 19, 2000
I need someone to buy my moped. It is a 1979 Batavus Starflite HS. It is in perfect condition. I live in Mt. Holly, NJ. I am selling it for $1000 or best offer. Please E-Mail me a Gordylr at snip.net -- Thanks,  Gordon

November 18, 2000
HI, I'm looking for a pedal for my Batavus Regency moped,becouse it is metric I cant find one. If you have any ideas it would help. thanks -- Magty99 at aol.com

November 13, 2000
Why is it so difficult for some people to look at the moped they bought, and then write in their mails not only that they bought a Batavus moped, but also what kind of Batavus....

Anyway, my question for all of you is this; Does someone own a Batavus Whippet, or does any of you guys have a photo, because I'm the very proud owner of a Whippet.

For more questions about Batavus, workshop manuals, or just for fun, mail to:

pecxel at yahoodot com

I'll try to mail a photo of my Whippet.....

October 15, 2000
We have a late 70's 50cc Batavus moped. We have reconditioned it, but cannot find a spark plug to fit. Does anyone know the spark plug number for this bike? -- JMoellerin at aoldot com

September 14, 2000
I don't own a "combisport", but a Batavus Bilonet mat-o-mat. I have included some pictures, perhaps it's useful. The Batavus I have restored myself, and it is 100% ok. Lots of success. -- best regards -- Jaap Niemans --nidoz at zeelandnet.nl

September 06, 2000
I am the proud owner of a 1963 Batavus Bilonet Super Sport, and am in the process of restoring it. My biggest headach is the motor. I'm afraid I may need a new one. It's a 1963 SUD-JLO-WERK 50cc 3speed. If there's anyone with info on obtaining an engine, parts, manuals etc... Please let me know. I just cant wait to get this beauty on the road. Thanks.
Christine Schouwburg -- creations at ameritech.net

August 28, 2000
I have an early 70's Batavus moped and I am looking for a clutch hub that will fit a m-48. If you know how I could acquire it, I would appreciate it thanks. -- jhathaway9 at pridigy.net

August 17, 2000
I'm looking for a rear tire with all of it's attachments for a 1978 Batavus Starflite. It's so hard to find any information or ordering any parts. I would appreciate any help that you can give me. -- Thank you, -- Lee -- Hiho52 at aoldot com

July 23, 2000
Name: doug jackson
Email: gerridoug at gateway.net
Subject: batavus hs 50 moped

Can someone help me place a value on the above moped that was made in the early 70's. thank you!

July 23, 2000
Hello.would you send me some pictures about BATAVUS, BILONET.COMBISPORT, year 1962 or 1963 -- EDWARD-COOLS -- MECHELTJE at hetnet.nl

July 16, 2000
I own a batavus 50 moped in running condition. I believe the bike was made in the early 70's. I would like to find out what the approximate value is. Can you help me out? Many thanks! -- Doug Jackson -- gerridoug at gateway.net

July 7, 2000
From your web site, enjoyed the Batavus experience. I don't think they make motorcycles any more, but I owned one of their mopeds in the early 80s. At about the same time they produced a Sachs engined trail bike that was really rather good, but I think they are rare in Holland, much less so here in England. In the mid 70s they made an extremely quick 4 speed sports moped, and I want one bad. -- Peter Cain -- louise-paddy at madasafishdot com

June 20, 2000
I own a 1979 Batavus Regency HS moped. It's great. I put a lot of work into it, and did a lot of research on it. I find the best place to get parts is mopedwarehouse.com the moped warehouse. They're in NJ but they'll ship parts any where, and they're very helpful. Tell them I told you about them. Batavus mopeds were made in Holland, they no longer make mopeds, just bikes now. They made good mopeds though. -- Jason, NY -- Aero754 at aoldot com

June 5, 2000
6 juni, gezocht een in goede staat verkerende batavus bilonet transport ik betaal een goede prijs en je krijgt er drie oude bij om te restaureren, en het verhaal waarom en voor wie is geweldig -- louis  -- t-mannetje at hotmaildot com

From Sheldon: Is this Dutch? Whatever it is, I don't know enough to get more out of it than he is trying to restore a Batavus Bilonet and is looking for parts. Maybe someone can give a decent translation.

Wed, 09 Feb 2005
Email: jan at roden.nl
message: You asked for a translation of the Dutch message in Batavus. The guy is looking for a good Batavus, he is willing to pay good money for it.

June 3, 2000
Thanks for the web site!!! I am looking for one of the plastic housing cover that covers up the clutch that keeps you from touching it when the motor is running. -- thanks -- Rick Smith -- frameboy at erolsdot com

May 1, 2000
My name is Andrew and I just recently became the proud owner of a Batavus. I was wondering if you know any sites or pictures of the moped. I am sanding the rust off and hope to get it running, if you have a manual of detailed pictures I would be very grateful. -- Andrew -- Spacebyand at aoldot com

April 12, 2000
I happen to own a 1977 batavus mobat and it's hell to find info on. Because i don't speak douch, half the web sites i find i can't read. I have a few connections in amsterdam and if i find any info i'll let you know. All i know is that they are made in Holland and Batavus only makes bikes know. -- later -- bstone -- bstone at acadia.net

April 11, 2000
I have found parts and Manuals for these bikes in Toronto Canada. The E-Mail address is parts at torontomopedsdot com I bought a manual for my bike and it really does help.... -- ACayere at aoldot com

April 10, 2000
I bought a Batavus bilonet for a beer. I've restored it completely but I just need a few things. I suspect a missing a few parts and does somebody has a badge cause have only one? -- Belgium chrstph at freegates.be

April 10, 2000
I just purchased a Yellow 1978 Batavus moped in beautiful condition. I was looking for a Vespa Bravo, a Puch, or possibly, a Sachs, but the Batavus was so beautiful...so well-made, that I went against my original plans to purchase a German or Italian product. I don't know a thing about mopeds, but the Batavus nicest looking basic moped I've seen. I would like some advise about what is the "overall" opinion of Batavus mopeds? Are they considered a good make? I never heard of Batavus until I started looking for mopeds. The over-all feedback I get is that they are extremely well-made...but does that mean the engine, too? Is the engine as good as a German or Italian engine? Is it considered a "slow", "normal" or "fast" engine? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -Lou -- LASP952717 at aoldot com

March 4, 2000
I have a Batavus I Recently acquired at a flea market.It runs well but I would like to obtain photos and a parts outlet for the bike. I never heard of Batavus before I bought this bike. It was manufactured 12/77. I would appreciate any Info. New Mexico Walt Pilnock -- wk-pilnock-2 at worldnet.att.net

February 26, 2000
I just bought a moped BATAVUS. Are we all in the dark on this bikes? -- George -- naturalway at cjnetworksdot com

February 12, 2000
RE: Batavus "Regency" Torque-o-Matic
I've just picked up a moped today from storage in an "old timers" garage.. It appears to be CHERRY. Haven't started it up as of yet, but amazed at the stainless steel fenders, and over all construction quality. Owners manual lists dealer in Ga., USA... still looking for info...built in Holland. -- Robbie -- rmnicholson at earthlink.net

February 11, 200
I just picked up on this moped today from storage in "old timers" garage.. It's appears to be CHERRY Haven't started it up as of yet, but amazed at the stainless steel fenders, and over all construction quality. Owners manuel list dealer in Ga.,USA... still looking for info...built in Holland. -- Robbie -- rmnicholson at earthlink.net

February 4, 2000
RE: Batavus Bilonet
I have a Batavus that is missing a motor it is red, white, swooping wide front fender, on the tank it has trophies and big badges on the side. The pipe is a high pipe scrambler style. I need information on parts, books, type engines, and where to find the year model on the bike. Any information would help. The bike has a key switch in the right handle grip, it is a thumb throttle, with a white face speedometer, in a shapely shell. -- Scott Garrison -- Macon, GA, U.S.A. -- garrisonboys at mindspringdot com

January 23, 2000
I have a Batavus Starflite HS and the carburetor was not on it when I bought it for a 100 bucks. I need an S22/25 carburetor jet size 58, I would appreciate it if you would respond. -- RRmerlinIX at aoldot com

January 08, 2000
I have a Batavus Regency # 844663. I am looking for the belt that is found on the right -hand side. It is ribbed on the inside and it connects the pedals to the motor as needed for starting. Please get back to me concerning this matter. ivyhill911 at aoldot com

December 13, 1999
My nine year old son has purchased a 1976 Batavus va 50. It is from the original owner. Engine was rebuilt in 1992, then short-ly after sat for three years....we are in need of clutch components...plates mainly...any suggestions where we can find them??? -- Scott - Ft Lauderdale, FL -- scott at marinegearsdot com

November 28, 1999
I just acquired a Batavus HS (30 mph version). I cannot get it running, no fire to the spark plug, any ideas or dealers? I have no idea what year it is but the warranty card # is 250046... Does this mean anything? Is there a dealer in the Virginia area USA? -- kwcrippen at aoldot com

November 29, 1999
The dealer's address in my owners manual is: BATAVUS USA INC. 2546 N. E. EXPRESSWAY ATLANTA GEORIGA 30345
....THEIR PHONE (404 325-1514 ) is not in service. Any other dealers for this bike? I believe I need a coil. kwcrippen at aoldot com

November 19, 1999
I have a 1977 Batavus Starflite moped. I need a few parts and clean it up a bit. if you have a carburetor or a motor drive chain please inform me that you do. -- Anthony R. Tremblay -- artremblay at LCIAdot com

I've got a Batavus Biljonet 1964 for sale. It's a Mat-o-mat (automatic) male model. Complete with spareparts.
price: 1500 EUR
Dick Kattenbroek,
phone + 31 (0) 36 537 02 42
e-mail: dick.kattenbroek at abnamrodot com
The Netherlands

I own an Batavus mk2 from 1965 it is a moped with 50cc 2 stroke 2 speed fichtell und Sachs 2 motor. I'm looking for a instruction/repairing book for the motor. Please e-mail me for more information. I'm sorry for my bad English I live in Holland and I'm only 16 years old. -- greetings -- Sanne -- maxlaadvermogen at hotmaildot com

I have a Batavus moped, age unknown that was given to me about 10 years ago . Ran good until a couple years ago then just quit on me . Can't seem to find any info on it . It was very powerful compared to my Garelli moped -- Thanks Gary -- gferrell at mailhost.day.ameritech.net

Currently I am restoring a 1939 Batavus (Dutch) motorcycle with 125 cc ILO engine (MG125F)
Only pictures of this restoration are on my website http://www.brunssum.net/~gubbelsp [404]
I only use this website to communicate with vendors of parts I need.
The motorcycle was owned by my grandfather and he secured it for the German army during WWII. After keeping it 25 years in two wooden boxes, I started restoration two month ago.
Paul Gubbels, Brunssum, Netherlands gubbelsp at brunssum.net

My name is Dale Lee, I'm interested in asking about this bike. My brother has a 76, 2 cycle Batavus moped; (yellow). Can't find parts, and your the only web site I found. Any ideas?. If so, please reply. DaleGtoMan -- DaleGtoMan at aoldot com

If you have a query or information about Batavus motorcycles please contact us