Belgian Motorcycles

Blomme & Lecompte Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured in Flanders 1952-1954

Based in Tournai, Belgium, the company imported NSU, Alcyon and Kreidler, and produced a range of lightweights powered mostly by Riedel engines which they marketed under the names Alcyon-Riedel, Fama and Aleph, as well as under the Blomme & Lecomte marque.

Other engines employed included Sachs and Victoria.

There is also an entry in a French publication for a FAMA believed to be 1934 which reads, in part:
La Moto FAMA, 100 cm3 Gillet 2 temps, 3 vittesses.
Picard & Blomme, Constructeurs, 5, Rue des Crosiers, Tournai

Sources: A-Z der Belgische Motoren, et al

Notes: There is also a Dutch Fama, see Netherlands Marques, and another from Germany.

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