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Blotto Triporteur

A Brief History of the Marque

Blotto Freres
3 Rue Charlot, Paris

The firm built motorised three-wheel delivery machines with proprietary engines between 1927 and 1955, or thereabouts, and had been building pedal-powered triporteurs for some years before that. They were very well known, having won the 1926 Triporteur Championship.

JLB gives dates of 1929 to 1955 and lists the following models:
Triporteur G 35 (1er modèle) de 1931 à 1932
Triporteur G 35 (2ème modèle) de 1933 à 1934

The 1929 Blotto Auto-Tri Triporteur had a 350cc Anzani engine.

Sources: Tragatsch, JLB Creations, Buyvintage.com & others.

Fri May 19 2017
mabou at numericable.fr
Je suis la petite-fille fille d' Anatole Lardy, qui a create les moteurs Ydral, et j' ecris l'histoire de cette societe et des assembleurs (+ de 60) qui ont achete ses moteurs pour leurs fabrications. Les Freres Blotto ont achete 3 moteurs chez Ydral en 1949 et en 1950 ( nous avons les registres des ventes) et je voulais savoir si vous connaissez des triporteurs motorises par Ydral.
Avec mes remerciements pour votre aide.
Bien cordialement


  • I am the daughter-in-law of Anatole Lardy, who created the Ydral engines, and I write the story of this company and the assemblers (more than 60) who bought its Engines for their manufacture. Brothers Blotto bought 3 engines at Ydral in 1949 and 1950 (we have sales records) and I wanted to know if you know Ydral motorized scooters.
    With my thanks for your help.

I don't quite comprehend the question. Are you asking about other brands of triporteurs which employed Ydral engines? Ed.

  • Hello and thank you for your answer.
    It is certain that Blotto bought 3 motor 125 cm3 at the company of my grandfather "Ydral" , http://www.club-ydral.net , 1 on August 3, 1949, with a long kick tree No. 1386, the two other, on February 21 1950, Nos. 4145 and 4137.
    So I'm trying to find out whether anyone has heard or seen a motorized Blotto by Ydral, to point it out in my future book.
    I remain at your disposal for any other question
    Best regards
    Catherine Bouillard

Mon Jul 02 2012
Blotto 3 wheeler
I am restoring a Blotto and need some basic info on the construction of the wooden box. When I try and reserch I keep finding pictures of the one I bought ( the green one on your site ) which does not have the correct timber. Do you have any original pictures I could use ? was the timber oak ?



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