Chapelle Motorcycles

Saint l'Aumône near Pontoise (1901)
10 rue Bellini Puteaux and 3 boulevard du Montparnasse, Paris (1907)

Motorcycles built by the De La Chapelle brothers, associated with Rochet.

It appears they built a shaft-drive motorcycle in 1902 which was marketed by the Métropole company.

Also known as Chapelle & Chevalier

In 1902 they were also sold in the UK by United Motor Industries of Great Castle Street, London, W.

Centre national de réception des véhicules (CNRV) states "(..1890..), cycles & machine a coudre . Fournisseurv de l'armée. Fabrication 19 Boulevard d'Alsace à Lorraine au Perreux - Val de Marne"

See also Stimula

Sources: Bourdache (pp 114, 115, 133), advertisement in Motor Cycling, 1902.

December 1901 Paris Salon

§ 4. - Chapelle Bicyclette

Its engine is arranged vertically, like that of the Werner motorcycle; it is equipped with a gearshift, and when raced has achieved up to 60 kilometers per hour.

Denis Blaizot in Gloubik Science

§ 4. - Bicyclette Chapelle. Son moteur est disposé verticalement, ’comme celui de la motocyclette Werner ; elle est pourvue d’un changement de vitesse, et elle a fait, en course, jusqu’à 60 kilomètres à l’heure.

Denis Blaizot in Gloubik Science

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