Stimula Motorcycles



Motocyclettes built in Cormatin (between Dijon and Lyon).

The firm used engines from Minerva, Buchet and Peugeot, and also constructed their own 346cc and 492cc engines 1.

From 1906 to 1914 motorcycles and automobiles were built by De la Chapelle in St Chamond 2.

Their motorcycles were fitted with suspension front and rear, "a double suspension". The front forks were leading link in the Trufault style, and at the rear there was a primitive monoshock.

1. Tragatsch says ohv.
2. The Chapelle page currently contains conflicting information.
3. The Stimula name was revived in 1975 by Xavier de La Chapelle - see

Sources: Motos dans la Loire, Tragatsch p278, Bourdache (pp 146, 158, 184, 209, 247, 248, 284, 336, 349)

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