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A Brief History of the Marque

Clement-Garrard motorcycles were built from 1902 to 1905 by Garrard Manufacturing Co of Ryland Street, Birmingham under licence from Clément-Gladiator of Paris.

See also the unrelated London-built Clement


Sun Oct 17 2010
ajohnp<at>bigpond dot com
1902 Clement Garrard 1.25hp
My research book here cites "... it was a 1902 1.25hp Clement Garrad (sic) motor cycle, a French machine produced in America." Can you folks confirm/refute? Many thanks A John Parker

  • The book is in error - it is a British machine produced in Birmingham. Ed.

Thu Jul 11 2013
Approx value of a 1901 Clement?
Clement 1901
What should I pay for a 1901 Clement in good condition?
Thanks! Dan

Mon Jan 18 2010
wcsphelps at gmail dot com
additional information
Clement-Garrard Phoenix Park
Photos of my 1902 Clement-Garrard fitted with a model D Clement engine. 198cc Automatic Inlet Valve and a detachable cylinder head.

Clement-Garard 198cc

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