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DS-Malterre motocyclettes

A Brief History of the Marque
12 Boulevard de la Bastille, Paris

Based in Paris and initially known as D.S., from 1920 the company used their own engines along with Aubier&Dunne, Train, Duten, Chaise and possibly Gem until 1939, and post-war used engines from Ydral, Sachs, Briban and AMC in capacities of 108, 125, 150, 175 and 250cc.

Prewar models include:

  • Type A - 500cc DS
    Type B - 500cc DS
    Type C - 500cc DS
    Type FA - 500cc DS
    Type FB - 500cc DS
    Type FC - 500cc DS
    Type FD - 350cc DS
    Type FE - 350cc Chaise
    Type FH - 350cc DS OHV 1931~1933
    Type FK - 234cc Duten
    M1 - 100cc Aubier&Dunne
    M2 - 100cc Aubier&Dunne
    M3 - 98cc Train 2T
    M4 - 100cc Train 4T
    M5 - 98cc Sachs

Postwar models include:

  • M6 - 108cc AMC c.1946~51
    M6 - 125cc AMC OHV 1952-55
    M7 - 125cc AMC OHV 1952-56
    M8 - 150cc AMC
    M8Y - 125cc Ydral 1952-55
    M8Y 130 - 175cc Ydral 1953-55
    M9 - 175cc AMC 1950-1955
    M10 - 147cc Sachs 1952-53
    M11 - 175cc Sachs
    M12 - 125cc Briban
    M13 - 250cc AMC 1954-1956 (Introduced in 1952)
    M41 - 70cc Lavalette 1953~54
    Cyclo - 50cc VLT and Vap

Sources: JLB Creations, motocyclettesdsmalterre.jimdo.com

Sat Nov 05 2011
DS MALTERRE PARIS 500ccm super sport
 I own a motorcycle DS MALTERRE PARIS 500cc super sport the 1929th The brother of my great-grandfather worked as a sales representative for the company MALTERRE DS, and this model brought to his brother. I come from the Czech Republic. The model I have never seen at all times. You're the first, which has a similar model. I'm thinking of selling motorcycle.

Fri Dec 12 2008
don at vosper2004.fsnet.co.uk
DS Malterre 500cc sidevalve 1926
I am looking for any spares for this motorcycle especially a rear hub with dual brake.

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