Geier Motorcycles, Mopeds and Tricycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Geier-Werke. 1910~1959

The operation commenced with Ernst Upmeier opening a small bicycle shop and by the mid-1930s was producing motorcycles with Sachs and JLO engines, along with commercial and passenger tricycles.

During the war the factory made grenades.

Post-war production of mopeds and tricycles resumed, with much of the output marketed by Neckermann Versand badged with the Torpedo marque.

The Geier was marketed as the Safari in Britain.

"In the new Safari moped, introduced at the 1958 Earls Court Show, Stuart and Payne Ltd. appear to have a real winner, for this German machine - powered by the well-tried Sachs engine in either two- or three-speed forms - offers a superb performance, coupled with a simplicity of design which argues both durability and freedom from adjustments."

Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice, et al.

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