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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1935-1984 1

August Rixe Maschinen und Fahrradfabrik GmbH was founded in Bielefeld-Brake in 1921 by August Rixe and Robert Meyer. Meyer left the company early in the piece.

A bicycle manufacturer, between 1921 and 1949 they produced 1.4 million bicycles.

Motorcycle production began in 1935 with the manufacture of small motorized bicycles and light motor cycles. The Fichtel & Sachs Saxonette engine was employed in three different types, including one with the 'Kreuzrahmen' (the cross-frame of Presto fame). Rixe supplied complete motorcycles to Esweco during this period.

The factory was extensively damaged during WWII.

Postwar production commenced in 1948, and 144 motor cycles left the factory that year. During the 50s, they used a variety of frame designs, some single tube and some others dual tubes. The suspension systems ranged from pre-war styles to more modern telescopic front forks and Jurisch rear suspension. These used Fichtel & Sachs and Ilo engines with 3 or 4-speed transmissions.

In the spring of 1951, Rixe took over Phönix of Bielefeld, which had been under Jewish ownership until the Nazis forced the owners out in 1935.

From the 1950s to 1984 the company marketed numerous mopeds and light motorcycles of 50cc to 80cc. These included the RS-50 with a chrome tank and the Rixe Mokick RS-50 B. Their last model was the Rixe RS 80.

Production ended in 1984, they filed for bankruptcy in January 1985, and the tooling and blueprints were subsequently sold to China.

Models include:

1950 KPS/KTS-12 with twin-carburetor JLO sport engine

RS175 Senator c.1955 175 Fichtel & Sachs

1954-55 Luxus 23

1955-59 Modell IV Export deLuxe Super

1955 RS250/2 Senator 250cc JLO twin, swing-arm suspension.

1955 R250/2 250cc JLO twin, plunger rear suspension.

1956-57 Rixe Transport-Moped three-wheeler, Sachs 50cc, 150kg payload.

RS50 1956~1980s - Models A, A2, B, C, C2 Phönix, D, E, F, H, K (Sport and Touren), M, MF, MFD, MFS, P, S, S Derby, St2, V3 and many more.

1958 Mopeds only, due to the crisis in the industry.

1959 Rixe RS 100

1959 Rixe RS 100/3 (originally by Torpedo)

1961-71 Derby

Rixe 80 with liquid cooling, dual disc brakes, full instrumentation

R 503 1978-85

R 504 1979-85

Torpedo Soloist = Rixe RS50F

Torpedo Soloist G/GT = Rixe Belle G/GT

Libelle 1965-1971

Libelle FT 1969

Libelle GTH 1980

Sources: päpenmöller.com, ig-jlo-twin.eu, Farben-Schiessl.

1. Commencement date may have been 1934
The Rixe marque reappeared in the 1990s as a bicycle brand.

robertjamesfenton at gmail dot com
Do you know anything about this bike?
Any idea what value it might have?
Robert Fenton

Rixe took over Torpedo-Werke in the mid-1950s and continued to use their logo, and some models were given the Torpedo name. This machine does not appear in any of the sources explored thus far - it appears to be late 50s to mid 60s, probably 80cc given the size of the fuel tank. For valuations see the page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices
Rixe-1960c-Torpedo-RFe images posted to Comments.

Sat May 06 2017
barrycohen at barrycohenlaw.com
Rixe parts needed
Rixe 1967 pedal moped
I'm looking for parts for a 1967 Rixe pedal start moped

Mon Aug 08 2016
dosverk at simnet.is

Need some infos about this bike

Sun Jun 08 2014
stretkas at gmail.com
Rixe moped

hello, any information about this moped. I guess that in 1939 years, if you can help me about purchasing of parts and how I could find out some more information about this moped. thanks in advance

Fri Mar 14 2008
walter-dingeman at hotmaildot com
rixe color schem
Rixe rs80
I'am looking for the color scheme for my mokick it is silver I need to repaint it.
Thanks in advance

Thu Oct 05 2006
sselld0g at yahoodot com
Parts, manuals, pictures,
Rixe 1952 7079.652
I know nothing about this bike I bought it as it was fairly compleat and I love old bikes. Any information you can give me as to the availability of parts manuals and the like would be helpfull and greatly appreciated.
Peter Quintin
Thank you for your response. attached are pictures of the Rixe as well as a picture of a 1953 Zundapp that I bought at the same time both are in about the same condition and I am would like to restore them both to running condition or better. Museum quality is not necessarily a goal.

Sat Sep 30 2006
timo.ahola1 at elisanet.fi
Rixe moped 1958
Rixe -Modell III "Export de Luxe-Super2 1958
I`ve Rixe moped 1958 and I looking for cover of chain and toolbox which is under the saddle. If you have pictures or these parts, please contact me.
Finland, Kuusankoski

Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005
subject: Rixe Moped with Sachs engine
Email: tim at theprestigegroupdot com
message: My father in Ireland has just bought a 1940s Rixe Moped to restore it. It has a Sachs engine. Does anyone know where to get parts for the engine and the bike?

04:01 PM 29/03/2005
I've attached some pics of my Dad's Rixe bike and also the Sachs engine as well as one of the condenser unit which I think he is looking to replace.
Any advice you can give me into getting spare parts would be much appreciated.
Thanks, Tim 

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