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Torpedo-Werke 1928-1956

Manufactured by Weil-Werke AG of Rödelheim, Frankfurt am Main from 1928.

Pre-war models used Blackburne and Sachs engines, and their 1937 catalogue advertised Herren-Motorfahrrad 63 and Damen-Motorfahrrad 64. Other motorcycles produced were powered by Sachs and JLO in 98cc to 197cc capacities.

The firm's substantial factories, which also built typewriters and bicycles, were destroyed during air raids in October 1943 and January 1944.

After 1945 the company was renamed Torpedo-Werke AG and continued until 1956, with production of the Torpedo machines taking place at Geier-Werke. Models built from 1953 to 1959 (and possibly into the 1960s) included several Torpedo 50cc mopeds powered by JLO and mostly Sachs engines.

Torpedo-Werke AG was absorbed by Rixe, who produced Rixe-badged machines which were identical to the Torpedo. (On some, the ID plate read Rixe and the tank had a Torpedo logo.)

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N.B. Several other firms used variations of the brand name Torpedo.

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