Torpedo-Werke 1928-1956

Manufactured by Weil-Werke AG of Rödelheim, Frankfurt am Main from 1928.

Pre-war models used Blackburne and Sachs engines, and their 1937 catalogue advertised Herren-Motorfahrrad 63 and Damen-Motorfahrrad 64. Other motorcycles produced were powered by Sachs and JLO in 98cc to 197cc capacities. The factory was destroyed during the war.

After 1945 the company was renamed Torpedo-Werke AG and continued until 1956, with production of the Torpedo machines taking place at Geier-Werke.

Torpedo-Werke AG was absorbed by Rixe, who produced Rixe-badged machines which were identical to the Torpedo. (On some, the ID plate read Rixe and the tank had a Torpedo logo.)

For other firms using the Torpedo name see Disambiguation.

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