French Motorcycles

G.D. Geo Dupuy Motorcycles

31, rue Poussin, Paris 16.

Geo Dupuy built the Avance 175cc of 1925 and also G.D. motorcycles.

The firm also sold Ner-a-car and Evans motorcycles, and was the agent for Cyclemotor. They later marketed an Evans replica as the L'Evans français with a 175cc Duten engine. These were the first French-built Evans machines. They were later built by other companies including Coren & David in Orange, Vaucluse.

Dupuy's machines took part in the Paris-Nice events.

Evans 1920, Paris
Bicyclette motorisée Evans (1920) fabriquée par Cyclemotor Brothers

Evans Motocyclette 1921
Agents: Geo. Dupuy, Paris. Coren & David, Orange (Vaucluse)

European manufacturers and agents for Evans Motorcycles

Sources: La Moto Francaise, zhumoriste.

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