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8 avenue de Tourville Paris

An unusual machine, it has a 250cc two-stroke engine with inlet and exhaust ports both at the front of the engine. The machine is quite low-slung with substantial, deeply valanced mudguards over automobile-style, small diameter wheels. It has girder forks and rigid rear, headlight mounted on front guard.

An article in La Vie de la Moto Courier (November 15 2004) discusses the marque, but at that time it remained a mystery. There are believed to be at least three survivors, and it is roughly dated at mid-30s to early post-war.

It is in fact a first model Soriano sold in France with a different name. The frame, engine, forks, guards, 4x10" wheels and tyres are all the same.

Date is probably late 1930s. Soriano spent several years in France during the Spanish Civil War, and on his return to Spain in 1941 immediately resumed work on his scooter-like machine, the first production models leaving the factory in 1942. It is not beyond reason that the G.I.E.M. was his own work.


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