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A Brief History of the Marque Horsy logo

Manufactured 1952-1953
Ets Delaplace & Cie
14, rue Constantin

English distriubutor: S. Felman & Co., 390-2 Euston Road, N.W.1.

Models include:

  • HV2 ABG VAP 48 cc
    HV3 ABG VAP 48 cc
    HV5 ABG VAP 48 cc
    VAP 48cc Telescopic Forks
    Mistral engines were also employed.

1954 Specification

HORSY Autocycle : Full loop frame with double top tubes, solid front forks and brazed up rear end. 5-pint tank under saddle. Carrier fitted as standard. Wheels 1 ¾in. with Endrick rims and heavy guage spokes. Tyres 2in. (6M) c.m. x 50 c.m.) Dunlop balloon. Engine final drive on offside by 3 1/16th in. chain with slotted fork end adjustment. Pedal drive by 1 1/8th in. chain on nearside with jockey pulley tensioner.

ENGINE, 48 c.c. VAP with geared primary drive to unit countershaft. Drive—engaging pawl on flywheel. Twist grip throttle control with self-cancelling choke. L/hand twist-grip decompressor. Flywheel magneto with lighting coils. Petrol consumption 176 at 25 m.p.h. All up weight, 69 lbs.

Power & Pedal Feb 1954.

Sources:; Tragatsch p168; Icenicam

carlovanvlietfotografie at hotmail dot com
I also have a Horsy moped, i also bought this moped 30 years togehter with the Le Marinet in Holland.
I also can,'t find any information on the internet.
Best regards,
Carlo van Vliet
Germany, listed in the sources for this page, has two articles on the Horsy.

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