British Motorcycles

Kenilworth Scooters

A Brief History of the Marque

The Kenilworth factory in Coventry built interesting scooters between 1919 to 1924. The machines were fitted with engines from Villiers, JAP, and an OHV 143cc Norman 150 engine (not the Norman of Ashford, Kent). Engines between 150cc - 300cc were used, both two-strokes and four-strokes.

KENILWORTH at the 1921 Olympia Show

A clutch on the countershaft is the chief addition to the now well-known Kenilworth miniature - a type of machine often miscalled a scooter. The four-stroke overhead valve engine is retained, and detail improvements have been embodied as a result of another twelve months on the road. For the lady who has had no previous experience with motor cycles, and who wishes to substitute a petrol-driven vehicle for her pedal cycle, the little mount is eminently suitable. It is extremely easy to wheel about and to start at walking pace, and the new clutch should facilitate this.

The Motor Cycle, November 1921


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