French Motorcycles

L'Universel Motorcycles


A motor bicycle which used various engines, including those of their own manufacture.

Bourdache, p120, writes:

At the same time, Vigneron also sold a formidable 90 degree V-twin of 4 CV. In the 3 CV version only, it was proposed in an unusual way to "form a fixed engine that can operate sewing machines of all systems".

There is on view at Campbell's motor and cycle depot, Liverpool-street, a new motor bicycle, which has been specially constructed by Mr. A. M. Campbell for Tasmanian roads. It is fitted with a 1¾ horse power "L'Universal"* petrol engine, which is a facsimile of the one used by the great French chaffeur* Parteous* Butler last month when he lowered all records from 25 to 195 kilometres. The total weight of the machine is 65lbs., and it is said to be the lightest roadster in Australia. A distance of 125 miles can be covered at a cost of 2s. The whole of the works are within the bars of the frame, thus giving the machine a most graceful appearance. The machine is the first motor bicycle turned out in Hobart, and Mr. Campbell has also the distinction of being the maker of the first motor car built in Tasmania.

The Mercury (Hobart, Tasmania) Fri 29 Aug 1902
* Sub-editing has not greatly improved - the publication is now part of the Murdocracy.
Campbell (Tas.)

Bourdache pp 109, 120, 146.; Trove NLA

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