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Archibald Campbell assembled motorcycles from 1902 to 1904 at 149 Liverpool Street, Hobart. These were fitted with French 1¾ h.p. L'Universel engines.

There is on view at Campbell's motor and cycle depot, Liverpool-street, a new motor bicycle, which has been specially constructed by Mr. A. M. Campbell for Tasmanian roads. It is fitted with a 1¾ horse power "L'Universal" [1] petrol engine, which is a facsimile of the one used by the great French chaffeur Parteous Butler last month when he lowered all records from 25 to 195 kilometres. The total weight of the machine is 65lbs., and it is said to be the lightest roadster in Australia. A distance of 125 miles can be covered at a cost of 2s. The whole of the works are within the bars of the frame, thus giving the machine a most graceful appearance. The machine is the first motor bicycle turned out in Hobart, and Mr. Campbell has also the distinction of being the maker of the first motor car built in Tasmania.

The Mercury (Hobart, Tas) Fri 29 Aug 1902

N.B. 1. Several spelling errors. chauffeur; Portéous Butler; L'Universel.

To bo Exceedingly Rapid, and Fined the Rider.
Parts made of Aluminium; weighs only 651bs, and looks less.

The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.) Fri 26 Sep 1902


At 4.9 p.m. yesterday Acting Superintendent N. A. Skinner, of the Hobart Fire Brigade, received a call to a reported fire at 149 Liverpool street. A motor engine and eight men wera turned out. On arrival it was found that the fire had occurred in the cycle shop occupied by Archibald Campbell. The fire had been extinguished before the arrival of the brigade by the prompt efforts of Mr. W. Middlebrough (whose place of business was next door) and Sub-Inspector Hughes. The cause of the fire is unknown. The buildin belongs to the trustees of the Lewis estate, and is insured in the General Insurance Company. The contents are also insured, but the damage is slight.

Daily Post (Hobart) Tuesday 26 June 1917


The prospectus of the Campbell-Golding Patent Variable Speed Gear Co Limited has been published. The gear, which consists of expanding and contracting pulleys, is the invention of Mr. A M. Campbell, engineer, and is applicable to motor-cars, tri-cars, motor cycles, and other machinery. The advantages claimed over other gears are :- (1) Absolute silence, (2) any number of speeds may be obtained, (3) a direct drive on each and every speed, consequently no loss of power, (4) the engine is not disconnected, but drives during the process of changing (5) cost of production. 70 per cent less than other gears...

The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.) Sat 30 Nov 1907

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