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Marlene Parker, Speed Record Breaker

Marlene Parker managed 130mph on a Lambretta kneeler at Monza in 1965 - breaking the world record in the process.
She rode a much-modified GT 200 built by Filtrate and Lambretta Concessionaires UK.

Marlene, a taxi driver from Bristol UK, was selected from 67 women who applied for the task of piloting the streamlined scooter to a speed in excess of 110 mph, the current record for the class.

In her form-fitting all-white leathers she took the miniscule 50cc streamliner to 130mph, shattering the record. Or so some reports stated. An Italian article states that Marlene achieved 180 km/h (112mph) but did not take the record.

Fourty years later the original machine (called the Atlanta V) was found to still exist a German specialist scooter shop.

The bike was designed by Robert Forest-Webb of Hertfordshire and the attempt was sponsored by Lambretta Concessionaires UK and Filtrate Oils.

  • Arthur Francis writes that the machine "...was offered to me, less the engine. I bought it for very little money, though - at the time - I had no plans for using it... Later I raced Fred Willingham - the Lambretta king of speed."

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