Lutece Motorcycles

Manufactured from 1921 to 1926 by George Cochot at Bde du Havre, Colombes, Paris, and by P. Lacombe, Asnières, Seine.

The firm produced surprisingly large unit construction parallel twins of 997cc and 1016cc with shaft drive. Late in the piece Lutèce built a 98cc belt-drive two-stroke.

The company name is derived from Lutetia, Latin for Paris.


Lutece 1921 Combination

A real dinghy sidecar on the Lutece. It is superbly finished in the natural colours of the wood - teak for the hull and bird's-eye maple for the deck.


Lutece 1921 Parallel Twin

(Right) The Lutece, which has a side-by-side twin engine (built integral with gear box), shaft drive, and car type springing.

Motor Cycles at the Paris Salon.

On the other hand, the Lutece was a lovely model with a graceful, comfortable sidecar shaped like a boat. The machine itself had a self-starter.

A side car on the Lutece stand is so like a boat, having a correct bow and a yacht pattern stern, that it looks as if one could rig a small mast and sail, put it in the water, and sail away. The deck is of varnished bird's-eye maple and the hull of mahogany, copper fastened... curiously enough, these boat pattern bodies do not look too uncomfortable.

Car Practice.

The Lutece is unconventional in another direction, and conforms more to accepted motor cycle practice plus certain features borrowed from the car. It has a vertical twin engine with gear box integral with the crank case, and the final drive is by shaft. Like the Janoir, it is sprung at the rear on leaf springs, but no torque rods are fitted, and stays, pivoted at the rear of the saddle, are intended to ensure lateral rigidity.

The Motor Cycle, October 13th, 1921

Baron F. Blanc of Geneva hired a Lutèce motorcycle for the Paris-Bordeaux-Paris event in 1895.
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