Malanca Motorcycles

Malanca Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1956-86

In his workshop in Bologna Mario Malanca began producing mechanical parts and hubs for wheels of motorcycles, and later built complete motorcycles, the first appearing in 1956. Over the following years sales accelerated with markets first in Italy and then in Asia and the United States. In 1960 in a new factory was built for the manufacture of Malanca engines, and among other models produced two scooters, the Vispetta (1962) and the Super Vis (1963-1969)

In 1968 they made their racing debut with two famous riders, Walter Villa and Othello Buscherini.

In five years the Malanca team won six championships in the 50cc and 60cc classes, and Buscherini won two rounds of the 125cc GP.

1985 saw the team compete in the 250 GP with the rider Stefano Caracchi.

In 1978 Mario's son Marco stepped up as CEO of the company, now named Malanca Motors SpA. Production focused on 125cc sports models popular with road racing enthusiasts.

The factory moved to a new facility in via Pila 6 in Pontecchio Marconi. In 1986 the company folded, ending the Malanca brand.

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