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Marc 1930 model OHC engine
Marc 1930 model OHC engine

A Brief History of the Marque

Address (1927): 80 rue du Dessous des Berges, Paris
Address (1928): 12 rue du plateau, Vincennes

"La marque qui s impose par ses qualites, par ses prix" (The brand that imposes its qualities, by its prices.

Founded by Marc Martin in 1926, the Vincennes factory's first model was a 175cc single. This basic model remained in production, with minor developements, for over a decade. In 1927 it was joined by a 250cc three-speed dual exhaust model and 1929 saw the introduction of a 500cc JAP model with Staub gearbox. This model was short-lived due to the financial crisis.

Shortly thereafter a similar model with a Chaise OHC 500 engine was introduced. It was a handsome machine but was heavy and apparently lacked performance despite being advertised as capable of 115 km/h.

The Chaise 500 was a unit-construction OHC 490cc (87.7 x 85 mm) with dual exhaust ports, wet sump and three-speed gearbox. A beautiful engine, but it weighed over 50kg.

1926 175cc twostroke
1927 175cc twostroke
1927 250cc twostroke
1928 250cc Touriste
1928 350cc Sports
1929 Type RS 500cc
1930 Type O 500cc Chaise

Engines were mostly Staub-JAP, and they also used LMP.

Gearboxes were by Staub and Picard.

Sources moto-collection.org, et al

Marc Martin 1929 Modele RS5 500
Photo by Hans Denzel

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