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Mazzucchelli Motorcycles (Alba-Mazzucchelli

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

Mazzucchelli moto d'epoca

Produce a Milano fino al 1928 biciclette a motore equipaggiate con il propulsore tedesco Alba da 198 cca valvole laterali, in questa fase le moto hanno marchio Alba-Mazzucchelli.

In un secondo tempo vengono impiegati altri motori ed il marchio di vendita diventa Mazzucchelli, marchio che accompagnera' la produzione di motoleggere e motofurgoni fino al 1934 o poco dopo.

Built in Milan, these motorcycles were initially equipped with a German 198cc side-valve engine from Alba, and were marketed until 1928 as Alba-Mazzucchelli.

Later the firm used other engines and the brand name was changed to Mazzucchelli, building both light motorcycles and motofurgoncini until 1934 or shortly thereafter.



Three-wheeled motorcycle-based light utility vehicle
Synonyms: motocarro, motofurgoncini, motofurgone, motofurgoni (plural), triporteur, trimoteur.
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*Henshaw gived quite different dates of 1925-1928.

Sources: Moto di Lombardia, Henshaw

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