Negrini Motorcycles

Negrini Motorcycles

Negrini Models include:

Negrini 49cc Trail circa 1970
Negrini Gioietta 48cc 1966
Negrini Harvard stepthru
Negrini Farfallino (a scooter built by BM Bonvicini)

There was also a Negrini marque in 1904 from the Milan region

Fri May 23 2014
candhlewis at hotmail.co.uk
negrini not sure
Hi i purchased a Negrini some 30 years ago for my son who was 6 at the time
not road bike do you have any photos of early models thanks
UK Essex

Ed: Photos will be posted as they become available.

Tue Feb 03 2009
farquarnova3 at aoldot com
Negrini Mini Racer
Negrini Not known
My brother gave me this for my birthday. Only other one i can find is at http://www.auto-invest.co.uk/category-select.asp?CategoryID=2
Mine is a slightly later model with a rear mono shock. Any information gratefully received.

Mon Mar 17 2008
sampei4ever at email.it
Negrini NPF (Boomerang ?)
Hello , i have bought a Negrini NPF for recondition; but I don't find documentation or other about this model.
Can you help me ? photos, manual, ...
Italy - Como

Wed Jul 18 2007
sistek at netpar.com.br
Information about Moto Negrini 50cc
Negrini 50cc
I have this old bike several years and it seems to be a Negrini with a Motori Morini Franco engine 50cc I would like to restore it but I have nothing about this bike to do so, any info onit will help me, Thanks I can send you fotos.

Mon Jul 12 2010
franzmotos<at> hotmail.com
Info on Negrini Moped
Negrini Negrini
My email changes:

Negrini 50cc Morini Brazil.jpg
Negrini 50cc Morini Brazil

Mon May 28 2007
philippe.pascal.joly at wanadoo.fr
Negrini bog boy spare
Negrini Big boy
I am looking for a front wheel (8inches) for a Negrini Big Bou moped. It is similar to the one fitted on Benelli Motorella.

Wed Oct 18 2006
t.brinckman at zonnet.nl
in order to obtain documents , I need information that this is a moped and not a motorcycle. And that it is manufactured in 1973 or before. Is ot possible to fing this info looking at the picture.Please help me.

Negrini c1973 Blue.jpg
Negrini c1973 Blue

Thu Sep 21 2006
savvykat at macdot com
Negrini Harvard...

I HAVE one and it runs great. I just need to replace the missing back light and true the wheels up. I'm in NYC. Any thoughts

Negrini Harvard.jpg
Negrini Harvard

Mon Sep 04 2006
garyaf at nanaimo.arkdot com
would you know
50 cc,,negrini, harvard.
i am looking at my buddy's moped...was wonderin...what grade of oil will go in the trans..

Most likely a conventional engine oil will work ok. There may also be some information available via the Twostroke Premix page.

Tue Apr 18 2006
rn560 at aoldot com
my last name is negrini
i was looking thru the web and typed in my last name and ur co popped up. im from houston tx ,but i do know my grandparents came from italy, just wondering if any family connection .
i know this sounds crazy , but hey cant hurt to ask. thanks for ur time

Wed Jul 20 2005
sunburnt-curt at yahoodot com
Hello! I had a Negrini in college back in 1984. I bought it for $100, and sold it several years later for about half that because it no longer ran. It looked like a small motorcycle. I don't know the year or model. I haven't found many resources on the web about Negrini. I'd like to know what year and model it was that I had, to see if someday I could find an identical bike to purchase. Any info you have would be helpful. thx. curt

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