Regina Motorcycles of Ilford, Essex


Ilford Motor Car & Cycle Co., High Road, Ilford, Essex, 1902-1907.

Advertised as "The Queen of Motor Bicycles", the lightweight motorcycles were fitted with engines from Minerva, Fafnir, MMC and others.

There was another marque of the same name built after the first war at Derby, some 150 miles away. Tragatsch says that these machines were identical to those built at Ilford. See Regina of Derby

Report from the 1902 National Cycle Show:

Ilford Motor Car and Cycle Co, High Road, Ilford.
A Regina motor-bicycle is here shown, fitted with a 2.75 De Dion engine, in a vertical position. The machine is, driven by a Lincona belt, which has a special form of adjustment by a small jockey pulley, depending from the bottom stay, and moving vertically in a slot. Lubrication is by a positive sight-feed pump, which can be operated from the saddle whilst travelling. Two brakes are fitted, front rim and back Bowden.

Sources: Tragatsch p259, Wikipedia NL, Graces Guide.

N.B. Several other firms used the name Regina

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