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Rene Gillet 1924 Modele G 750cc SV
Photo by Hans Denzel

Rene Gillet Motorcycles

Historical Notes on the Marque

Manufactured: 1898-1957
Sté René Gillet & Cie
126 route d'Orléans
Montrouge (Seine)

René Gillet built motorcycles between 1897 and 1957.

His first engines were attached bicycle-fashion above the front wheel, and by the turn of the century he was building machines with the engine located on the axis of the pedal crank, in what soon became the norm. He was the first to do so.

1902 saw the first machines in series production and by 1904 he was producing V-twins in a new workshop on Route d'Orlean in Montrouge.

The side-valve V twin 750cc G and 1000cc J models were very common in the French army and police before WWII, the machine of choice due to their reliability and durability. The engines for these and most other models were of their own design and manufacture.

The company was absorbed by Peugeot in 1958

Models include:

Radial Four 1911, 2600cc
1922 750cc Model G V-twin sidevalve
1929 6cv V-twin
1930 350cc & 500cc singles, 750cc & 1000cc V-twins
1935 Type J 1000cc V-twin
1948 750cc & 1000cc V-twins, 125cc 2T velomoteurs
1950 125cc Twin-port 2T
VB c1956 two-stroke 125cc
1953 Type A.51 250cc 2T
1953 Type VI 125cc 4 speed
1954 Type VLS 125cc 2T 4 speed
1955 Type V.2 125cc 2T Twin-port
1956 A.545 two-stroke 250cc
1956 C.5.N. 48cc Standard, Luxe & Super-Luxe


1912 Grands Prix de France, Fontainebleau, 1st place 1000cc Sidecar class
1913 Grands Prix de France, Fontainebleau, 1st place 1000cc Sidecar class
1914 Grands Prix de France, Fontainebleau, 1st place 750cc Sidecar class

Sources: J Roquecave et al.

Thu Jul 28 2011
dlangmade<at>mfmcadot com
Rene Gillet
750 cc 750 cc
restoring two rene gillet 750's one is a 1934 and the other is a 1940.  Looking for parts, send photos and price
Phoenix, AZ

Tue Nov 23 2010
czimmerman<at>xplornetdot com
1907 Rene Gillet
Rene Gillet 500cc
I have a new e-mail address

Sun Apr 09 2006
woxer at gavle.to
rene gillete
1947? 150cc
wish to get some info about this mc. My father bought it and picked it appart. so now i maybe if I find some time would pick it togheter. But i don't know so much about it. Is there some one some knows more about it ? Some pictures maybe?

Sat Mar 04 2006
ReneGillet at aol dot com
motos René-Gillet
bonjour , je souhaiterai que vous mettiez vos données sur la marque à jour , je peux vous fournir ces données ;
Mulhouse -FR

Translation: hello, I will wish that you put your data on the brand to day, I can furnish you these data

August 3, 2002
I just got hold of a bike that looks like it was used in the war. The only thing I can see is the name "Rene Gillet " on the tank and trans. cover. Where can I get some info on these things?  It's a V-Twin engine like an old 30-50 Harley
Thank you -- Jim Bailey -- bailyglide at aol dot com

Rene Gillet 1907.jpg
Rene Gillet 1907

October 23, 2001
Hello Folks.
Just to let you know,I have a 1907 rene Gillet. --  Cliff Zimmerman -- zimmerman at kwic dot com

From: Schouwer [mail-to:Schouwer at t-online.de]
Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2000 4:37 PM
To: Sheldon Aubut
Subject: AW: Rene Guiller

Hi Sheldon, here's the translation. I found there was a brand "Rene Gillet". Maybe "Guiller" is not correct!?!

Since 10 years I'm the owner of a "Rene Guiller G 90" with 175cc A.M.C. engine. I couldn?t find any information (in literature, museums and parts markets) or contacts to other owners. Any information or contacts would be appreciated.

I couldn't find "Rene Guiller" or the former name "Guiller" in your list. Please add this brand and my request.
Best regards
Dirk Wirtz

--Ursprüngliche Nachricht--
Von: Sheldon Aubut [mail-to:biker at cwizard dot com ]
Gesendet am: Dienstag, 4. Juli 2000 13:46
An: Hartmut Schouwer
Betreff: FW: Rene Guiller

Can you translate this for me? I tried BabelFish but it gave such a poor translation on this that I wasn't sure of it all. On my list of French manufacturers there is a "Rene Gillet" but it sounds like he is saying that his bike says "Rene Guller". I wonder if I might have it spelled wrong?
Sheldon T. Aubut

--Original Message--

From: wirtz [mail-to:Dirk.Wirtz at t-online.de]
Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2000 7:49 AM
To: biker at cwizard dot com
Subject: Rene Guiller

ich besitze seit ca 10 jahren eine " rene guiller g 90 " mit 175ccm a.m.c motor. leider habe ich bis heute weder in einschlägiger literatur oder in museen oder auf märkten informationen bekommen, noch weitere besitzer kennengelernt. über informationen oder kontakte währe ich sehr dankbar.

da ich auch in der hiesigen auflistung weder den firmennamen " rene Guiller " noch den davor benutzte "guiller " finde bitte ich um eintragung des Motorradherstellers und aufnahme meiner such-mail.

mit freundlichen grüssen
dirk wirtz

Looks like this might be a club in France. If anyone has more information please contact us

le club René Gillet: 4 rue vieille - 80270 Bettencourt-Riviere - tel: 0322319193

If you have a query or information about Rene Gillet motorcycles please contact us

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