Rhony'x Motorcycles

Rhony'x Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Société pour la construcion de motocycles et de moteurs industriels
6 av. Rockfeller (also listed at 50 chemin de Montchat)
LYON (Rhône)

The small French company of Ets. Rhony'x originated in Bron before moving to Lyon where they built motorcycles from 1924 to 1934, however an associated company, Stainless, possibly produced BMA moped-style machines as late as 1939.

Rhony'x built many models with 185cc and 246 cc two strokes with components from AYA, Lalo, Mignonac et Poinsard and Stainless. They also built models utilizing JAP, Rudge Python and Chaise four stroke engines from 247cc to 498 cc.


Python Four Valve Head

Rudge Python 250, 350 and 500cc engines were introduced in 1931. Borgo used 4V heads in 1920.

By 1926 they had produced over 10,000 machines, and listed as many as ten different models in the late 1920s.

Models include:

1924 Rhony'x Model A monovitesse, single speed belt drive
1924 Rhony'x Model B, two-speed belt drive
1924 Rhony'x Model C 185cc chain/chain drive
1924 Rhony'x Model D 250cc

1928 Rhony'x Type EX 4 350cc
1928-1929 Model DX4 250cc JAP SV b/s 64.5 x 76 mm.
1929 Model EX4 350cc JAP SV (same chassis as DX4)
1929 Model WX 350cc "Dandy" JAP OHV
1929 Model FX 350cc Chaise
1929 Model GX 500cc Sport Chaise Twinport (Double échappement)
1929 Model CH-35 350cc Chaise
1929 Model CH-35SS 350cc Supersport Twinport Chaise
1929 Model ST-35 350cc Stainless
1929 Model ST-50 500cc Stainless
1934 Type 334S Rudge Python 350cc
1934 Type 335 Stainless 500cc
1934 Type 335S Rudge Python 500cc
1934 Type 335J JAP 500cc

There are mentions of a 1938 Rhony'x 500cc JAP and a 1939 BMA 100cc, but these models seem unlikely.

Sources: Wikipedia France, JLB Creations, cyclememory.org

Sun Nov 15 2015
Paulchaplin444 at hotmail.com.au
1928 Rhonyx 500 cc
Rhony'x Gx 500
Hi i have 2 Rhonyx bikes a 1928 500 outfit and a 1929 500 solo both with Chaise engines. Any information about the bikes especially the engine would be greatly appreciated  
Cheers Paul
Sydney Australia

  • Images of these machines have been posted in the gallery. Ed.

Sun May 31 2009
motor bike information
rhone 125
im tring to get some info on this bike as we were down at flambards cornwall last week and they have a rhone 125 circa 1919 which is all the info they have on it so i was wondering if you could help me with this little problem or give me a web site to go to. many thanks steve.

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