French Motorcycles

Royal-Moto Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured in Saint-Etienne 1925 to c1929

Stéphanoise Massardier founded the parent company in 1910, building components including gearboxes which were supplied to Amilcar, De Dion-Bouton and Peugeot. They also produced Massardier engines.

The Royal Moto company was established in 1925, and released the first motorcycles that year.

Models included two-strokes of 100cc, 175cc and 250cc, along with 250cc and 500cc four-strokes both SV and OHV. Engines were all by Massardier.

1926 175cc Belt Drive
1926/27 Type P, 175cc, 1 or 2 speeds
1928 Types 175 CC, 175 BM, 250T
1928 350GT four-stroke
Type STL 250cc

Motorcycle production appears to have ceased in 1929.

In competition the results were good, with a 4th in the 1926 Bol d'Or 175 class, and a win in the 1929 Bol d'Or.

Engines Types include:
Massardier 125cc and Massardier 175cc

These were used by other firms from 1923 on, including Ravat and it's sister brand Wonder.

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