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A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured in Novi Ligure, northwest Italy from 1951-1963, production included Mofas and Mopeds of 49cc, 69cc. 98cc, 123cc and 147cc with Zundapp, Sachs, Minarelli, Franco Morini and JLO engines.

Some of these were branded as Zundapp, with a prominent Zundapp logo.

The machines were exported to Portugal, Netherlands and South Africa. Examples have appeared California, so may well have been exported to the United States.

Models include
1958 Tigrotto 50cc Minarelli Moped

Sources: Tragastsch, Henshaw, motoclubstoricoconti.it et al.

 Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2017
tow946h at gmail.com

I have recently purchased an orange Santamaria moped with a 50cc Motori Minarelli engine. the frame number is 1V PS 228 I can't seem to find any other bike similar to this one, can you help?
Stephen Barrett
Barry United Kingdom

  • Please send images if available. In particular, shots of the engine number and frame number, along with the manufacturers ID plate, would be most helpful.

Many thanks for your prompt reply, sadly there is no VIN plate but have attached some photos of 'Blossom' Steve

Images of Santamaria 50cc Blossom posted in Comments

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  • Casting number on the crankcase is V1 DGM67550M. The casting is common to a number of makes. A search brought up only one machine, on Youtube. It's the same bike!
The previous owner put it on YouTube as part of his sales package.
I'm assuming Blossom is a vary rare animal. I can't find another one like it.
Cardiff Wales UK

The Barron Economy moped used the same chassis as my Santamaria. Can you tell me anything about the manufacturers of this chassis?

  • I suspect the machine is not a Santamaria, but has been rebadged for marketing purposes. SantaMaria was manufactured 1951-1963.
I agree, but I still need to track down the original manufacturer to find out the build date. Here in the UK they are a bit funny about having that for a number of reasons.

Mon Mar 13 2017
ppreston at metalfloor.co.uk
Santamaria Unknown 1964
Hi, please can anyone confirm the model of the bike and if the petrol tank and seat are original to the make. Thanks you

Thu Jan 05 2012
50cc Motorcycle
Sanatmaria 1960
I had one during 1960/61. We were 4 of us in Bethlehem High School, South Africa. Does anybody know where is this bike now?
South Africa

Wed Jan 23 2008
joao.vidal at telenet.be
My friend Pedro Pinto (MotoMania- Portugal) found this well preserved motorbike but we were not yet able to identify the brand, model or year.
Apparently it is Italian, probably a SANTAMARIA.
When found it had no engine but this 50cc Z├╝ndapp fits perfectly.
Can anybody help identifying it?
Thank you!
Brussels, Belgium

Sun May 06 2007
vansracers at peoplepcdot com
Santamaria motorcycles
Tigrotto Sport 48cc.
Hello, Do you have any other information on this model or pictures.Rear fender is cowled and seat is sporter.Thanks
Fresno, California

Wed Jan 11 2006 
miezzz- at hotmail dot com
santamaria i own a santamaria grand sport.built &plusmn; 1957. 50 cc.restaurated
it myself. i'm looking for more information.there's not much to find about it on the internet. greetings,mischa. holland. 

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