French Motorcycles

Sicma Mopeds and Lightweights

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: Early 1970s to 1982
3e Avenue no. 12, Vitrolles (Marseille)

Sicma built Rocvale, Rocket and Rocking mopeds and lightweights in the 1970s and 80s, all of which were marketed under their own labels. The machines were assembled with Minarelli and Franco Morelli engines, mostly of 50cc with three, four, five and even, in the case of the Minarelli P6, six speeds.

Production of the Rocvale began at the newly built factory in Vitrolle in 1972. Almost all components were manufactured elsewhere, and were sourced from the Italian engine factories along with Verlicchi for frames, and wheels and brakes from Grimeca. The Rocket and Rocking marques appeared in 1975, some of which were mini-bikes in appearance similar to the Honda Dax.

Sicma were also importers of Malaguti.

France banned mopeds with gears in 1980, driving many small manufacturers out of business. Sicma survived for two more years as they had two automatics, and closed in 1982.

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