Singer St Etienne Mopeds

A Brief History of the Marque

The company was formed in 1902 by André Weinberg, based at 18 Rue Désiré Claude in St Etienne (Loire). (1)

Offered lightweights and mopeds using 48cc, 85cc, 110cc and 125cc engines from Junior, Mistral, Lavalette, Le Poulain, Vap and Comet.
In 1952 began selling mopeds fitted with Mistral and Le Poulain engines, and in 1958 was selling rebranded lightweights from Rhonson. Motorcycle and moped sales ceased around 1961.

Models include:

  • P1 1951-1952 48cc Le Poulain two-stroke

Notes: 1. There were two French bicycle marques named Singer, easily confused. Discussion here: velo-singer-st-etienne

Sources:, Motos dans la Loire

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