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A Brief History of the Marque

Founded by Devdutt Tandon (b. India) in 1947 (or 1948), the Tandon Company produced Villiers engined machines from a factory in Watford, Hertfordshire for the home and export markets. Manufacture ceased in 1959.

Models included the 

  • Imp
  • Milemaster
  • Superglide
  • Kangaroo.
  • Imp Supreme De Luxe 1954

The Imp Special of 1955 has leading link forks

Wed May 31 2017
don.dixon at btinternet.com

Tandon Trials
Saw the picture of the Tandon Trials bike and it triggered a memory of one very similar I had in the 60s

Sun Mar 01 2015
petergjackson at btinternet.com
Tandon 1954 not known
I have a Tandon sprung frame plus tank for sale. Do not know what model it is - see logbook pictures
Reigate, Surrey

March 2012

I have a '53 Tandon Kangaroo Supreme, which has the Villiers 6E 197cc motor. The Supreme was the larger engined version of the Kangaroo, and was Tandon's competition model at that time...
More in the forums...

Sat Apr 16 2011
david-shard<at>sky dot com
for sale
Tandon Milemaster
My deceased husband has a tandon milemaster. It is good condition but has not been started for a few years. Could you advise how much they are worth.

Thu Jul 15 2010
Bike Identification
Tandon unknown
I have just acquired a vintage motorbike with villiers engine, the previous owner believed it to be a 1948 tandon prototype?? the bike number is 19695.
I would very much appreciate any help with this.
Kind regard
Alan O Gorman

Sun Nov 29 2009
ellalysha at talktalk.net
tandon motorcycle
tandon kangroo
for villiers engine parts go to the villiers services web site

Sat Oct 03 2009
ronandjune at xtra.co.nz
tandon bike info please
tandon kangaroo
i have a tandon bike but dont no what model it is. can anyone help me find photos or more info thanks ron new zealand.
new zealand

Sun Sep 13 2009
ellalysha at talktalk.net
tandon kangaroo
I have owned a tandon kangaroo trials for the last 25yrs it has an early monoshock type rear suspension that is fitted beneath the engine ;just a bolt thro a cylindrical shaped lump of rubber a nice if not crude piece of 50s engineering . Anyway my question is about the fuel tank which is can any one tell me is it supossed to be chromed in any way? cheers

Wed May 13 2009
anned at candw.ag
Tandon Imp
You may like to know that I owned a Tandon Imp which had monoshock suspension - the shock absorber being placed under the engine and linked to a swinging arm.

Sat Feb 23 2008
mark at vstokes.freeserve.co.uk
what is it
tandon trials
can you tell me what this is frame number H560025 thanks mark

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