Tandon Motorcycles

Tandon were motorcycles produced by Devdutt Tandon, who had been born in India, from 1948 to 1959, in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Made Milemaster, Supaglid models, a Kangaroo trials model, Imp and Starlett, as well as several others.

  • 1948 The first model appeared as a cheap lightweight intended for both home use and export. Lacking in refinement, it was fitted with a 122cc Villiers 9D pre-war engine, installed in a frame that was of tubular, bolted construction. Although it had telescopic forks, it was angular and not at all stylish.
  • 1950 The original model was joined by a much improved machine, known as the Supaglid, fitted with the more modern 122cc 10D engine and pivoted-fork rear suspension controlled by a rubber cartridge.
  • 1951 Another version appeared, with a 197cc 6E engine, plus a competition model.
  • 1952 Production of the original, somewhat crude model, stopped that year.
  • Further models were produced using 147cc and 224cc Villiers and 242cc and 322cc British Anzani engines.
  • 1955 Time and money ran out and so the firm was wound up late in the year.
  • 1956 The name reappeared on two road models using Villiers 8E and 1H engines.
  • 1959 Production appears to have ceased in 1959.
Source: Graces Guide

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